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Well... it doesn't matter how complex the whole thing is. The European distributors and studios must have noticed that the iTunes movie distribution model works, they want to be in. Let's hope they've come a long way and that we'll se it within this year.
I have a 10 GB iPod and would need a 20 GB. Someone's got a 30 GB and need a 60 GB. The next fellow has an 80 GB and would prefer a 200 GB. But of course! Isn't everyone's iPod is full all the time? Changing to flash based storage prematurely would be Apple style indeed. Stevie would take the stage and tell us that they're "the first to introduce a 32GB flash based music player ever". He would go on and say that "we discovered that most people's iPods are always...
If I was running an independent label and decided to sell music at iTunes I would try and see if I could sell it DRM free. This is really a way for smaller labels to lead the way for the big guys.
Most of these designs look terrible, but Apple never shows its final design on the filings. I have a disk in my laptop perhaps 1-5 times a month.. it's not like I'm constantly shifting disks. So for me a backside optical disk drive would be totally ok. I think on mac book pro and macbook it'll continue with the slot loading. This design is for the touch mac, is my guess. A touch mac is something you would constantly and easily flip around anyway.
Touch Screen on Apple TV? isn't Apple TV supposed to be connected to a television placed in a living room kind of setting? Then we're talking remote since crawling to the TV every time you wanna do something isn't an option, no touch screen. If iMac would get touch screen we would have to expect a completely new design that allowed the computer to lean down like a wacom cintiq kind of solution. I'm not sure lifting your arms up to a screen all day long on the existing imac...
I'm one of them too waiting for CS3 before I'm upgrading to an intel mac. Now it's close enough so I'm about to upgrade. Unfortunately I'm also awaiting After Effects. It'll be a pain to use After Effects under Rosetta in the meanwhile... But according to Appleinsider After Effects 8 will be released in the end of June.
That Blackberry pearl thing.. I look at it and read about it and it's just a regular "smart phone" now isn't it? And what about iCal on the iPhone? Steve flashed the calendar icon but never showed it to us, right? I'm sure we can expect a fully functional iCal on the phone. And it's OS X so it'll be easy to incorporate a PDF viewer and even a Keynote viewer. And once iPhone is out it'll probably take just a couple of days before the hacking community has hacked it and...
But what about Director? I'm still waiting for a Mac accelerated Director. It's been aßß slow on Mac since always... I hope they're doing something good with it.
1. Who knows, they might introduce 3G for the european launch. 3G is after all available in Europe. And after all... it's a year from now we're talking about. 2. I guess Apple will start with letting 3d party developers develop widgets to the phone. You could do some really nifty "apps" with Widgets. I guess they'll eventually introduce iPhone apps to be purchased from the iTunes store. 3. I hope they won't lock the phone to one provider here in Europe... like vodafone or...
Tough shit Apple..change the name of the device and get over with it already. Luckily it seems like there's no "iphone" text or logo on the actual device yet.
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