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If they must use the old iPod 5 screen, it means they're making it game and video compatible. But they should've tilted the screen in standing position with just 2-3 mm wider iPod nano form factor.. would kind of work. Perhaps a little cramped finger position for the rotation finger..
Is "barricading type product" a better set of words?No, where the hell I come from we don't say fence curtain, that was an invention by me... here we would say something like nedrullningsbart galler or something like that Seriously I don't know what it's called, hehe..
I know they're fond of glass and everything, but they should use a fence curtain during the night.
Looks like Apple's got a new icon artist in charge. I'm not sure I like what I'm seeing.. The new icons I think are less informing and more nostalgic in their designs, especially the miniature versions.. It looks kind of funky now because old and new icons are mixed.. looks very bad. Example 1: Look at System Preferences, Folders, Images and Movies. They look totally out of place. And then look at the standard folder icons in the home folder. At a glance they look...
Ok, Apple releases new mini-OSX iPods and reveals their software strategy. Buy mini-OSX software on iTunes, starting with a couple of widgets and an enhanced PhotoBooth with customizable frames and layers... and yeah, they announce the Beatles on iTunes.
This whole software patent business is fishy... This for instance, the most logical way to arrange a screen layout is to drag things around until you're satisfied. How can this be patented? It's like patenting "sorting your books in either way you want them in a book shelf", or to patent "the wheel". To patent the actual code, and more sophisticated techniques I guess has to be all right... but this one is silly.
I think it's safe to assume that Apple wants to stabilize the platform first. As a matter of fact Steve J kind of said it himself a while ago. And he also implied that it was in software that the iPhone would eventually revolutionize. Apple will start selling or giving away software first and later games. As for Nintendo... I guess the iPhone is somewhat as capable as the Nintendo DS, I don't know if it's got dual processors like the DS, but the iPhone relies on a touch...
It's getting close to release! Yeee! Glad they reduced the transparency of the menu bar again. That was possibly one of Apple's strangest GUI desicions in recent history... Transparent menu bar... so that you can see the freaking background behind it better? Thanks for taking it back.
I think the revolution with OSX on pocket gadgets is SOFTWARE. Soon I expect Apple to start selling software through iTunes, and eventually, in the end, let certain 3d party developers make software or widgets for OS X.
The customer then notices that there is no option for the glossy screen.. gets mad and wanders home with a glossy iMac with tears in the eyes. The customer wanted to save a few bucks and went for the more reasonable sized 20" iMac and realized at home that the vertical viewing angle was like 2 degrees.. The new iMac looks great, but I'm happy I've got the previous version. An xMac would be neat for gamers though.. could work..
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