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It's a magical barrier.. the dollar mark. I believe they'll loose millions of spontaneous sales if they take it above the dollar mark. And this has nothing to do with logic, I mean really, what's the 5-10 cents gonna do for each and every one of us? Practically nothing. It's just psychologically more motivating to buy at 99 cents. If it needs to be done, it will be done, and over time customers will become used to it. Btw, is this US only or is it world wide?
The day I find a good journal app for the iPhone is the day I will really beg for a copy paste. Right now I get by fine without it. My solution for copy: "Double tap and drag" to select, autowraps selection on complete words, once the selection is done it's automatically copied. My solution for paste and other things: "Double tap and hold" could somewhat equal right click and bring up some slide-to-alternatives such as paste and other functions. This could look a bit like...
It's simple. I'm a perfect example. I'm half Swedish half Norwegian. I live in Norway, but call between the countries a lot. Naturally I'm selecting Tele2 that has the same pricing between the two countries. The official iPhone carrier can't compete with this, but I still want the iPhone. So my only choice at the time was to jailbreak it. Different carriers have different pricing, there are family bonuses, no charge within their network, student prices, business models...
I remember the first unlocked iPhones last year in France. They were only unlocked within France, so only French SIM cards worked with it. What is the deal with this new wave of unlocked iPhone 3Gs? Are they fully unlocked this time?
I can't help smiling when I read this article. It just tries to state fact. But even so my Apple tainted mind smiles, realizing there is no need to direct spicy comments at Microsoft when the fact speak for itself
I agree! That looked fantastic. It will be interesting to see how good it works in high resolution.
Apple don't usually use screen reflections on their product shots from what I've noticed, even though they offer glass screens on most of their computers. On the product images they are usually without reflection, which makes the screen look crisp and clean. The relflection on this picture (as many have noticed) stretches out to and "around" the edge of the frame, which makes me believe it's a manipulation. It's weird that they took so long before they removed it. That...
I think the new campaign is a classic "we are the world" ad. "Everyone around the world is using a PC, be part of the world." It's a normal ad, and I think it'll work like a decent normal ad. Nothing spectacular. Just the usual stuff. It's like when an oil company wanna point out that they're good, they show people in the nature speaking about how much they care about the environment, but they represent an oil company... so. But it works for promoting the friendly...
For a moment there, eyeing through the headlines, I thought Quickbook was the new Macbook.
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