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I agree. Mostly.. Weight, battery time and usability should come first. Not including a FW port was a really sad move for instance. I think that's the only thing I don't like with it though. I got a pb12, and I think 13" is better, but I don't see why they couldn't minimize the frame around the screen to make it just a tad less wide.
Yeah that's like the first thing I came to think of too... but it's really sad though to hear anyone talk about reading like this. It's so sad so it overcame my initial feeling of misdirection.. perhaps this way he REALLY mislead me.. I guess it would be possible to combine a great screen and an e-book screen.
Ok, I too think the Kindle is destined for failure. BUT, I believe books like Harry Potter show that the big gray mass read. And then students read, a LOT. And then, why not look at books like music? Q- How do we get people to listen to more music? A- We give them a great model that makes it easy to access and discover great music. The iPod/iTunes. Apple accelerated the music industry this way, and it certainly made me listen a lot more to music. The people at Kindle...
It's really neat, and slim.. and light weight.. but unnecessarily wide and deep It must have been possible to shrink away the phat borders on the side of the screen.
It's free for iPhone because they make so much money on iPhone because of their crazy deals with the operators. iPod touch doesn't generate any money in that same sense so I dunno... I still think this sucks though, because remember, this software update comes bundled with an OS and firmware upgrade, that is necessary to run their apps that will be sold on iTunes approximately a month from now that will generate a lot of money. Therefore Apple should show their good side...
I think it could be a multi port break out slot.
Don't forget the gaming market. It's big in the PC world, you know. Apple has been ignoring it for a long time. Also... from a environmental standpoint, buying an iMac every 2'nd year just to keep up to date is really bad. The screen could last for many many years, and the computer too.. sometimes a graphics card is all that's needed.. or a cpu update. There is currently no mac suitable for gaming in. Mac Pro is too expensive, and iMac's graphic performance is dated...
All this whining, when there are in fact only good news for the music business to report. Content sold 14% up is just fantastic news!! I agree though that the consumer should have more generous rights to its legally purchased music content. But hey, that's why we like the new DRM free trend emerging (that Apple was part of starting.) Nah... I say these are a bunch of whiners... Move along... new times ahead.
The problem is, I guess, that no Mac portable have the same connector layout, have they? How is this supposed to connect? Through bluetooth?
The Apple TV will be better off with movie rentals accessed directly from the Apple TV itself, and not via a second computer. It's still just a very expensive replacement of a regular VGA-cable though... especially for us outside the movie distribution zones. I would be very surprised should Apple decide it will compete in the DVR business. This is a company that almost didn't dare to stand up for itself and let users use their own 30 seconds ringtones for fist's sake....
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