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I think some of this actually looks pretty promising.. To press a hot key and move the "camera" back a couple of inches, to do some sorting here, some changing clicking there.. and then back. Hm, there could be apps using these surfaces for easy to access settings, functions and material that would otherwise clutter your window with floating palettes. Kind of an app aware integrated dashboard is what I would use this for. I think it looks promising, is what I think.
Issue of trust/faith and personal involvement might ironically be "good abilities" for a CEO that really has a personal, strong vision and plan for its company, which in itself I believe is highly unusual. Rarely I've met CEO's that get so personal about what their company is making. I can imagine these personal characteristics of Steve Jobs probably always gets him into trouble both in the pro and personal world, but also helps him shape Apple to what it is, since he DOES...
Well, it's not precisely about that... What I'm saying is that I think the market for low end, low weight, low capacity, sub notebooks today is targeted at high income professionals with extra money for a spare computer they wanna carry around and use on the go. A kind of luxury item. Manufacturers target these deliberately because I guess they think sub notebooks are for geeks and pros. I think it would be a far more useful use of resources, if they managed to market this...
Well, yeah I guess it's probably initially more expensive to develop the standards for a tiny computer that runs OSX, but that doesn't mean it must be marketed that way. The Air is super cool, but if it was priced and marketed as a product closer to its actual specs and capacity I'd say it'd sell in big numbers, and when production ramp goes up I think they could price it way lower. If Apple wanted to develop an AIR for the consumers for $600 I say they could do it without...
This is simple. Just sell the Air at $599 and you're good to go. The Air shouldn't be a luxurious choice, it should be marketed as Apple's smallest and weakest entry model. I guess the Air was a pioneer trying out a number of new technologies, but now that it's been proven to work, just ramp the production and lower the price. There's really no point in the Air being one of Apple's most expensive computers. It's not good for anyone.
That would be crazy. It'd be like if the use of buttons were patented. It must be a misunderstanding. Of course the world is free to use on screen touch navigation using multiple simultaneous touch inputs...
Well, this commercial for another phone doesn't come off as realistic either http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9u7_X_irAvQ But then again, the same goes for, let me see, err.... just about 100% of all commercials?
Perhaps Apple want Snow Leopard finished and preinstalled onto the new 4-core family of consumer Macs and who knows, 16-core Mac pro's? coming out in Q1. Who knows what lies behind an early release. It could be hardware driven.
It's called "career". Maybe IBM has never heard about it?
Yeah, it's like saying: Hey, should you ever quit this company, consider your carrier over and start looking for a job as a janitor or something. None of your expertise you have developed during your employment here may be used in your further carrier. Good luck, sucker.
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