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I hope that when the iPhone comes to Europe... in a year from now or so... it won't be stuck to one operator only. I think it wouldn't work over here. I hope, hope, hope they'll leave it up to the consumer to choose its operator of choice. It'll stop a lot of potential customers from buying if they can't use the company's phone operator, or their personal phone operator of choice.
It's fab and I want it and all that. But when is the real widescreen iPod with 30-60GB coming out? 4-8GB doesn't work for a lot of movies, photos and songs. It still doesn't beat my 3 years old(?) 10GB iPod in terms of what I use it most for, listening to my music library.
Glad to hear Adobe is well into development of version 8. I was really disappointed when I realized version 7 was PPC only. Good news.
Nintendo is currently the Apple of videogames. They drive the inovation in my opinion. If Apple chooses to really compete in the gaming industry, who will they compete with? Nintendo or Sony? I think they could have a chance of accomplishing something in the portable sector but I think what they're really going after is something simpler.. like an extension of what they're already doing. For instance, once their "Mini OX X" is out on a few products, they can create a...
One funny side note is that almost instantly after LG showed their ultra portable concept laptop rumors of an ultra portable mac laptop emerges... sounds like some mac fan or some leaker at apple didn't like the blow.
They're like... analyzing rumors? Is that it? Just like you and me and everyone else? Strange business. Just because they say it, what makes it more reliable?
It sounds like patenting a customer's possibility to go in to a store, look at some clothes, test some clothes of choice, then purchase them. This is an insane and probably illegal patent if it is what it sounds like.. I hope Apple doesn't play bitch about it.. for everyones sake.
By the way, this is the Wikipedia page for Zirconia.
They wanna patent using ceramics enclosing electronics? How bizarre it would be to get granted such a patent. It sounds like patent using wood for building a house. It's too general. Or is it only this Zirconia? (sounds like a video game term). And then: ... which would make for heavier electronics devices that feel more robust and exude greater quality. The art of making bad things sound good. I want a light weight laptop, not a heavy weight laptop goddamnit.
I hope Apple and Steve Jobs are holding up. As soon as at least one more major studio signs and shows that the model works and that people buy the movies online and they don't loose that much on DVD sales, that's when the other studios will view it like "they can't afford not to be on iTunes." A DVD is playable on any DVD player with the right region settings. Just bring the freaking disk and play it. A digital movie should behave somewhat like that. I'd say ok, restrict...
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