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It's not like with the DRM where the labels want control.. No, this time it's just Apple that wants to set the rules and control as much as they can. I don't like it. I hope the iPhone gets unlocked by law sooner rather than later.
Exactly my thoughts.
It's tragic the whole locked situation. First, I can't choose my operator.. which sucks. Then I wouldn't be able to travel abroad and get a cheap SIM card while on a long vacation. I don't like this locked situation. It's not good at all...
Perhaps this will be the first intel based pocket machine running the mini OS X seen on iPhod. Would be cool with the new 32 Nano tech intel chips. (Is it 32?) By the way. If an Apple PDA runs the same OS X as iPhod, and there would be now real reason why one shouldn't be able to run the same apps across all three devices I would be disappointed if Apple decided that this forthcoming PDA was the only one to install selected apps on. That would be a setback. Like selling a...
I don't know if it's been covered, but what about international users? Is this deal for ALL potential customers? Or is it only available in one region?
Sounds pretty good. I wish Amazon luck. It's better to have music on many good stores rather than just one store.
I've had my PB12" now for 3 years now. And I refuse getting a new notebook if it isn't at least as compact as the PB12". It's all about portability for me. My only demand is light weight. Hope they get the weight right. I can do without a superdrive, it's not a must have for me. However Apple had ideas for an upside down drive on the bottom of the notebook, to make it as small as possible. That would work for me. The only problem I guess is to make the cd door construction...
Leopardleopardleopard... yeah... but does the mac still freeze when waking up out of the network with net discs still mounted? Anyone knows? I don't understand why they didn't solve this to start with in Mac OS X 10.0...
Is this what the new PowerBook 12" replacement has been waiting for all these years?
New Posts  All Forums: