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Nothing is preventing other companies to steal or get inspired by Apples iPhone SDK. Once they're set to compete they'll do anything regardless of an NDA, patent grant or copyright. I hope Apple get it all right and finally lift the NDA sooner this year. It would be good for everyone. I personally think that by keeping the iPhone SDK under NDA Apple is signalling to us that they still think of the SDK and the iPhone platform as Beta products still under heavy development....
How many countries have iTunes movies now? I feel like they're accelerating. I hope there's a multi country announcement just around the corner.
Perhaps they do a HDD to SSD transition across the whole Mac line shocking us all. Doesn't Intel have this supposedly "fantastic" SSD tech on the way that they brag about being superior to all other SSD's out there with some (seriously) extraordinary test results? If they're ready to deliver they would defenitely catch the competition off guard. Product transition though sounds a bit bigger. New macs with ssd + bluray + on board h.264 dedicated chip..
If your favourite sites has RSS feeds, use them instead of the full site. This will dramatically lower your data transfers and lowers the CPU usage because of simpler layouts to handle. Apple redirects any RSS link to their own (really nice) iPhone RSS reader without any problems.
This is great. Seems like a big improvement over Firefox 2. Loading, scrolling and navigating seems very fast. And finally the gui looks somewhat decent
Haha.. yeah I have a feeling Apple and Steve don't target specialized customers anymore, but go for the broader scale. A tablet like that... I don't know. I'm usually the one that says "I'd buy it" about any new Apple would be device. But a medium touch tablet.. I think the iPhone IS Apple's touch computer. A medium sized touch tablet would need e-book-screen features, become a control surface screen for your mac when you connect it, or something extraordinary to drive...
Concidering apple is taking orders of the premium macbook AIR with flash drive at a crazy price point why not a premium mbp at a high price point? It would also help to further differentiate the notebook models.
Anyone with a 3G phone knows they run out of battery faster than a 2G phone just by talking. It really is very well known even before Steve pointed it out. I'm sure there is som tech person here who can explain the basics of why that is. Apart from the obvious that 3G signals must be sent more rapidly in bigger data packages, I guess, there's probably more details in the design that makes it consume more power..
What's sad is that it's so hard for Apple to make the movie services available internationally. It's been like one and a half year or something now since movies was introduced on iTunes. If the history of the music service helps to estimate the future availability of the movie service then here's a recap: Day 1: April 2003 US release of iTunes Music Store. 14 months later: June 2004 first international stores. France, Germany and the UK. 18 months: October 2004, most...
I think what REALLY needs to be done is someone important at Apple to get serious about getting typing correction dictionaries for a lot more languages. Even Mac OS X has a really modest set of dictionaries. I think typing in English on the iPhone works great, with the correction kicking in like it's intended to. But typing in for instance Norwegian (or any other unsupported languages) requires steady fingers and complete attention.
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