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I guess the question is: Will there soon be new iPods with Bluetooth? Or will they continue with the bluetooth add on? As I understand it the Nike+ running thing already is bluetooth.
Whatever the specs will be I'm sure they wanna make the phone all about the experience. They will focus on software, navigation and usability like no other "phone guys" in the neighbourhood. Probably with some small clever functions like spotlight search etc. and the phone guys will go "dang... we gotta do that too!"
I like the idea of having the heat itself power the cooling technology. The heat is punished into eliminating itself for its existence. Making 20% electricity out of 100% heat, would that mean that the heat would cool down to 80%? Or is it cooling down to like 50% but all that they could make into electricity was 20%? That in itself makes for pretty good cooling.
What do you think, will they show us the final Leopard in January? All features in? All cosmetics in? The Leopard that is out for developers is probably just about testing the mac os x core.
I think the nano is most interesting in 2-4 GB. At 8 GB I feel like I'm half way to a full size iPod, but I still can't play games or video. But still I think just $50 extra for double the capacity is very generous. It's a good bargain... the black MacBook though is just pure evil. I don't understand the strategy. Don't they want to sell black MacBooks?
So basically he's telling us that the first one is a 2G phone, and the second is a 3G phone or WLAN phone? But as usual this Shaw guy talks like he's just speculating: "From our understanding, it will leverage off existing iChat soft..." and "We believe it will focus on mobile IM..." doesn't sound too meaty. It sounds like he's analyzing his own speculations.
I'm sure AMD have a lot of products coming up that they haven't talked about yet. But for now I think Intel's lineup an known roadmap looks pretty good.
This is a brilliant idea! Assuming that this sensing surface is available on both laptops, stand alone surface and even displays it'd make it a dream for 3D party developers and for home made overlay makers. I'd use one overlay for music apps, one for video apps, one for drawing apps, I'd experiment with my own overlays made of I don't know... Lego? Heck for some experimental music apps or something you don't even need an overlay, just scatter some buttons over the...
I hope Apple introduce two ultraportable things. One newton-ipod with some kind of super-portable-mini-OSX, and one 1-1,5 kg laptop.
The PC guy is really nice. It's like you wanna help him, and take care of him. He's cute. In my part of the world that kind of a guy that the Mac guy is, is pretty lame and doesn't work. Maybe it works in the states... I dunno. I never liked the idea behind the whole campaign, but I liked the PC guy I hope they come up with something better next time, and not like a super proud, stylized movie star model trying to act humble but really isn't. Instead they would be cooler...
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