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A slightly bigger mini with exchangable graphics card would be better. For home gamers. It would sell. PowerBook 12 is the BEST and most portable Mac so far. I think Apple originally was going to introduce the MacBook Thin sooner to replace the 12. They probably ran into problems in the development, or was going to introduce it with Leopard or something. It would be a strange move to introduce one or two revisions of a MacBook Pro 12" and then introduce MacBook Thin....
There will be a 3G iPhone soon enough. Apple likes to be in the front line you know, and many regions 3G phones I guess are beginning to outsell 2G phones. So it's just a matter of time. AT&T will probably have a decent 3G network ready soon, and will then gladly carry a 3G iPhone. If not it would be a bad move by AT&T. They probably already have a time frame for this Apple and AT&T I guess. I think the tough thing is to talk 3G providers into reasonable network traffic...
If it's a 6 bit display it should be noted in the specs. 6 bits is enough for a decent experience, sure, but it should be noted to the customer. And also in the display menu it shouldn't state "millions of colors" but I dunno... "hundreds of thousands of colors" or something more accurate. It took me just a moment after seeing the first macbook model to understand that the strange glossy screen lacks colors. It's grainy. Just watch a normal Apple HD trailer and you'll see...
For me it's all about how fast the h.264 encoding engine is, and how good the color accuracy is.
Apple's patent applications a while ago revealed plans for a different kind of optical drive that will take less space than the slot in. Let's see what happens with that. I generally don't like docks, because of their un portable nature. I'd go for a new universal port that branches out into several ports with an external multi connection adapter.
They have said the songs will be DRM free, that they can be played without any DRM decryption. But they haven´t said what else they´ll do. Might be encrypted tags embedded in the tracks, such as who bought the song, etc. Might not be so intriguing to file share a song if it has your name tag on it.
I agree, it sounds pretty risky. Let's hope they keep it safe. Perhaps, if people would actually start using iChat one day.. then Apple would become more careful with features like this. I like iChat, but I have like 2-4 percent ichat friends and the rest are on MSN or ICQ even... this won't change overnight.. at least not when iChat isn't available on Windows..
How about introducing HD content and European movie store at an event soon?
I think the "iPod" as we know it today will eventually be replaced by the iPhone. The iPod nano and shuffle will still be around for ultra portable and cheap needs. The standard iPod will perhaps change into an "iPod HiFi" or "iPod tablet" or something like that, with a larger screen size, larger capacity and iPhone OSX with more apps.
Not for the cooperation with Cisco for all what I know..
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