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It's GREAT that some e-book FINALLY gets some press, and that seems to have a significant launch plan. The idea of carrying around a couple of news papers, a couple of blogs, some study material and perhaps a novel and a dictionary in one piece is just fantastic. And to read a significant ammount of text, the text has to be on e-ink or paper. An LCD notebook monitor isn't good for reading massive ammount of text. I definitely see this as a great starting point. But hey...
Apple's own growing greed is what is damaging their own brand name. What happened to the Here's for the crazy ones Apple? Did they die the day the iMac got successful? I think so. Now it's the greed Apple. It's gonna backfire if they don't show us soon that Apple is not greedy, but open minded and with good intentions. The iPhone situation is taken to the limit of what's decent. I just hope the situation can change fast rather than take years of court action.
Hihihi... =)
Oh man.. I totally got this wrong. I don't understand this. It will only run on hardware that take Java instructions? Or does it run under a software java engine? I thought you could just compile it for any hardware. I don't know so much about java compatible hardware.. but it doesn't sound good... Would be really cool if Apple announced something similar when they release their SDK. Agreed. But don't they do this already, kind of? But not as actively. They have this award...
I'm on a 12" powerbook. It's got a thick 1,5 cm frame around the whole screen. If Apple found out a way not needing to use a frame. Perhaps another kind of display doesn't need the frame, then we could see a 1 mm protective frame around the sides, and suddenly it's a 13" in the same size as the 12" powerbook. Somewhat like the newest QuickTime player, that got rid of the side-frames. It looks pretty good.
I guess it will take only a few moments for enthusiastic software developers and hackers to try this version of Android on the iPhone. Then we can compare Android and OSX Mobile side by side on the same hardware. Judging by the demo videos Android seems pretty slow, but perhaps that's what iPhone felt like too 1 year prior to launch. I like the Android initiative. The world needs an open phone platform. Good that someone finally defies the commercial world. Good initiative.
Indeed! It's about time!
Ok, so this isn't the "touch mac", this is a lightweight regular notebook according to your info? Is the bigger touch still in the making? Perhaps the bigger touch will be running the mobile OSX. Anyway.. I won't be missing an optical drive, I use it very rarely. Though it's crucial to me that i does have FireWire and USB2 since all my music gear connects that way. If it slims down to crazy slim Apple has to make some kind of slim multi-cable or something in order to...
So it's the next year waiting game again? Perhaps this is what Apple is awaiting in order to really bring to life a compact portable. Good news.
The US is Apple's home arena. There they're in total control over press, commercial rollout, spots etc. and know how to build up momentum. Outside the US Apple often do a sparse job when it comes to advertisement etc. I think it'll pick up though, like with the iPod. Even though there were minimal efforts in ads in the early days here in Scandinavia for example it picked up a significant market share when the buzz spread around.
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