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Yeah, Director. What about Director? Dig up some rumors about that, AI. Director has always been paiinfully slow on Mac OS X. I hope they're giving it a huge boost for intel macs, and that they clean up the UI and stuff.
Dual boot for Vista is not a problem. To push Leopard's release date back 5 months in order to get dual boot to work just seemed like a silly report to start with. Of course it'll work for anyone who's interested. No, a 5-6 month delay would mean Apple decided to incorporate technology still under consideration. But that could be introduced as a later update. If the original report holds any truth at all it could hint at something else coming this october, like touch...
Releasing Leopard without widespread beta testing seems very risky. But perhaps Apple has expanded their own beta testing team to the extent that it is producing the same beta testing results as the external developers do. The Leopard builds Apple are feeding the developers with probably contain Leopard code, but if Apple is gonna live up its own Leopard hype these builds are probably just for beta testing the changes of the core of Mac OS X, like hardware, audio, graphics...
A true video iPod can't be introduced before the iPhone. It can't really be introduced before the iPhone's European launch either. It would mess too much with the whole iPhone launch. I think gradually the iPhone will take over the iPod as we know it today. And a next generation device that is between iPod and laptop could take over as an ultimate choise for watching video and working while you travel. Like a 9" multitouch tablet with full OS X.
Low price for movies is great. That's when the step from watching the preview to pressing the buy button is really really small. If the preview looks just half interesting I can just buy it and watch it. And if it turns out it sucks I just spent $2 on it. And if it's a hit it's a bargain. This is where the strenght in digital distribution lies. Buying cheap movies online could potentially get more popular than movie rental stores.
Apple TV is surely more connected to the movie industry, agreed. But a commercial of the iPhone is gonna be more powerful. It's cool, groundbreaking and easy to present. The Apple TV is not, it's just convenient.
Finally.. The 12" powerbook has been unrivaled for some time now when it comes to compact Apple notebooks. A macbook mini would be most welcome..
Well... it doesn't matter how complex the whole thing is. The European distributors and studios must have noticed that the iTunes movie distribution model works, they want to be in. Let's hope they've come a long way and that we'll se it within this year.
I have a 10 GB iPod and would need a 20 GB. Someone's got a 30 GB and need a 60 GB. The next fellow has an 80 GB and would prefer a 200 GB. But of course! Isn't everyone's iPod is full all the time? Changing to flash based storage prematurely would be Apple style indeed. Stevie would take the stage and tell us that they're "the first to introduce a 32GB flash based music player ever". He would go on and say that "we discovered that most people's iPods are always...
If I was running an independent label and decided to sell music at iTunes I would try and see if I could sell it DRM free. This is really a way for smaller labels to lead the way for the big guys.
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