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He's alright. Now that Thunderbolt 3 and USB type C has married they need to come up with a daisy chain standard as a requirement/ recommendation on all peripherals. Then it's all gonna be fine. Like, every C/ Thunderbolt3 cable could at least be a Y cable with two male connectors and one female for daisy chaining. With this in place it wouldn't make sense with many ports on the computers anymore, unless for heavy UHD video streaming or other extreme bandwidth utilities.
And by the way.. That radio channel is hopefully, probably the first of many to come. If this is a DJ channel with pop culture music, there will hopefully be a classical music channel to follow, a more contemporary jazz channel etc. I would love high quality radio channels to discover new music.
The exclusive feature is that they're opening the door for indies. This is directly competing with music on YouTube, but with a true music-centric distribution model in place. This might be what makes it work, if it's adopted. Still... The discovery rate and user base on YouTube is really powerful. But.. We'll see how some no name artist can live on Ping.. Sorry Connect.. And drive more traffic there than on YouTube. I still don't see though, how streaming can EVER be...
They're doing their homework. With proper low level optimisation, and intelligently planned code, who knows what's possible? These days the computer processors are so strong that software houses don't seem to prioritise optimising. Apple included. It'll work because the systems are strong. With the iPad it's back to school. Perhaps for a lot of young programmers they're not even familiar with the level of optimisation required to make things really smooth, since they've...
Those jackets! State of the art!
Apple's improvement on their own map is going too slow! They need better data.
It's for artists, content creators, video, desktop publishing, precision input. A core professional Apple user base. If they wanna take the iPad to a full fledged platform it need precision input imo. Also, with the speed of USB-C it could work as a tablet for the Mac.even the precision of Wacom's Cintiq is not 100% precise. So there's definitely room for improvement in this field.
That was a sad and empty script. They could just as well change every line to "we're really cool". It's the message they're trying to convey. The more they say it, the less I believe in it. There's absolutely no informative aspect in Samsung's video. It's designed to brag. It was the worst.. I think the product looks pretty ok though, but they should think about removing that obscure Samsung logo from the front. It's really disturbing all aspects of the design.
Anyone that has launched software on AppStore during this last month knows that it's been slow. Probably because it sort of coincides with the Watch launch.
Oh teh anger! Chill commenters. I'm eagerly awaiting the new MacBook Pro 2016 with this design. It'll probably still have Thunderbolt though, but possibly no SD reader ;-)
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