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Is there something in Swift that binds it to ARM? Perhaps it's ARM exclusive, and a first hint of what's to come. Speculating. Another idea is to kill the Mac and introduce a more mature iOS platform for a new generation of ARM trucks iPhone, iPad, iTruck. In any case I bet the A processors are being developed simultaneously with a more powerful version for trucks with 4x the performance, or something.
Great! Now make an HDMI to lightning dongle that will take care of the heavy computing burden on hardware. Then iOS devices could finally be used for monitors and viewfinders for just about anything.
Yeah exactly! I've tried it a little, and I love the idea, but wtf? Why keep the quality this low? I mean they could easily get a great quality at like 48kbps AAC or even less. Currently it sounds like a old school compression type, at a very low bit rate/ sample rate. I don't get it. I guess messages are typically below 30 seconds. They'd be smaller than a typical Snap, even with great audio.
I get the feeling the script is like a modern "documentarish" drama. Perhaps people involved expect a block buster roller coaster with special effects. I hope they pull it off, and it turns out an intimate and moving glimpse of Steve Jobs' world.
Competing/ gambling with price, in an industry that already adopted an "it's free" mind set.. is a bit sad. How do we encourage people to send money to the artists? Every artist should have a personal donation account where fans could sent tips now and then, when they feel generous.
Did they make the soundtrack with songsmith?
Thanks. Now after digging around a bit, I wonder if us who choose not to monetize our videos can take part in this too.
Now Greg is a jolly chap
I'm wondering how you as a content creator add music to this YouTube music key. If it's just as easy as uploading a YouTube video this is game changing.
He he.. They'll rebadge it Apple Music. But then there'll be problem with Paul McCartney again ;-) In my opinion, the most significant thing Apple could do is to create really, really great virtual, personal DJ's. Tim Cook mentioned in an interview that he could "feel" the difference with Beats' music finding algorithm, compared to the other services. If Apple and Dre could make personalized virtual DJ's that kept playing what you consider to be "quality music", they could...
New Posts  All Forums: