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Great :) The on hold music in the Scandinavian Apple support was indeed of terrible quality last time I called, earlier this year. Kinda makes me wanna call again to see if it has changed here too, he he.
Batik phones with glitchy touch zones... yeey!
This is the clue to why the battery lasts longer on that new Samsung phone. They don't expect it to get used that much.
If the big one is better but same I'd agree it'd be a bit sad. Most iPhone buyers tend to go for a top model, it seems, and this would confuse them. But if it's better and somewhat different it's very cool.
I think the problem with iPhones are that they're so good you end up using them for everything, all the time. The battery was designed for phone use, which is getting way dated, so it barely gets through a day on one charge if you're using it a lot, like I do. I guess Samsung phones don't get used to the same extent, thus saving battery? The iPad is designed for this, and has a great battery life. Chiming in with the add here I'm afraid. Better battery. Doesn't need to go...
Pros with maps: 1. Smooth 2. Integrated very well with the system 3. Looks an works great in directions mode Cons (all of which are beaten by Google): 1. A lot of ancient map data 2. Mediocre satellite pictures 3. Lack of widespread 3D 4. Lack of contrast in vector mode. (White streets on bright beige... poor design choice) 5. Yelp aka poor poi information. Yelp isn't even a worldwide service. 6. The vegetation data is mostly very poor.
Stylus is for precision, art creation, 3D, CAD, vector, graphics, post publishing, a better handwriting experience, video editing, post production... I'm sure there is more...It shouldn't be mandatory, but if pads are gonna take over completely at some point - I think they'll need to start supporting pressure sensitive precision styluses to make life easier for creators working with the above.
I don't know for a fact, but I've got the feeling Aperture adoption was pretty modest. Whenever I tried it (I did a few times) it felt like a big dinosaur, where as Lightroom felt more like a straight app that just get the work done. I remember picking Lightroom over Aperture for the superior chroma noise reduction. For any serious Aperture user though, this is obviously a serious blow. It'd be like if they quit developing FCPX for me.
Lightroom is good image quality. That Photos screenshot looks surprisingly promising.
I'd understand if the 4.7 would be the new flagship model. But to make the 5.5 camera better doesn't make sense. Plus, a smaller phone is in greater need for stabilisation due to low weight, small size. A bigger unit is easier to keep stable. I might be crazy, but the "iWatch" might be the thing that would differentiate the 5.5 from the 4.7. It'd make sense to develop an iWatch so that you can leave the bigger unit(s) in the bag when taking a call, reading a tweet etc. I...
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