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For me it worked really well (Norway). The AppleTV update though, was so slow, it reminded me of a gprs transfer. Is it using the same system?
Taking the bate.. The term "Market share" is making people blind. "Loosing market share" in an expanding market is making people think it's equivalent to "loosing user base". As the market matures, it's really quite remarkable tha Apple is still dominating it. It's impossible. Starting a new market now. Let's see if try can keep dominating it for years to come until it matures.
THanksThanks.. I didn't know. The whole thing was totally out of place though.
"Our love for music" followed by "U2 performance". So far so good. Followed by "Mr big artist star, with sun shades on, starting rambling about a magic button, in a very unarticulated way, seeming totally joker." Ok now you're loosing it. Wtf is going on? Is it over? Is this an announcement? Followed by "I can do that!" Ok now you lost it. I will not believe you the next time you say "our love for music". This is not love.. This is... I don't know... trolling? Mega...
I remember a rumor/report a few years ago, I think, that Apple had tested ARM MacBook configurations internally, and that they worked better than one would have expected. Think about what full fledged RAM could do. RAM is probably a bottle neck for phone use, and wisely so, but would probably put multitasking to new levels if it had 16GB in a MacBook configuration. I made several great animated movies on a G4 PowerBook 12". Running both after effects, Final Cut Pro,...
Actually, Samsung should be thanking Apple for being in business. They got it all backwards. I think their inevitable holy grail is to ultimately rid themselves of Android. I bet they're trying hard to.
I read that the biggest obstacle making h.265 a new standard is the big increase in computing power it takes to encode it. It hasn't been practically viable (until now?). Decoding should supposedly be less CPU intense than h.264. At least that's what they said during the early days press conferences. So that phone playback should be fine without any new hardware. Has HEVC encoding finally matured? I've always thought HEVC HD streaming was a key component to launch a fully...
Yeah.. I was looking for the emotional aspect too. All I wanna know is if the Plus feels good to use. If the keyboard is nice in portraight. The only personal remark in this article about the + seems "the 6+ initially feels quite monstrously large". Well.. They only touched it for a few minutes, I guess. We just have to wait till it comes out.
The new HDR images/ videos show off some great dynamic range in the RAW data. I love that they finally acknowledge the importance of dynamic range. Most new photos show off a completely different interpretation curve. Both in colours, contrasts and dynamic range. I like it.
That's sort of a bummer. Swimming is a great form of exercise. Don't bring it to the beach, then.
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