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Today I got to try a 5.2 inch phone. It didn't at all feel too large or anything. It felt good in my hand. I'm not worried about oversizing the next iPhone. In fact I'm more worried about Apple not introducing a 5+ one.
All points true.. many things to take into account. I look at it like this:The iPad is designed for getting through a day of work.The iPhone was designed for getting through a day of phone.But as I (and others, I assume) use our phones more and more for work, the battery life doesn't keep up. And then 4G came and we were back to square one in battery life, etc.I think, if there is a big iPhone to be announced, it'll be designed for a day of work, just like the iPads.
Sketchy or not, I must say the rumour of a 2,915 mAh battery is making me want such. There's a limit to how much work can be done on the current handset, and the limit is set by the capacity of the battery.
Fluff indeed. He he. I wouldn't be surprised if there's whole sections of iOS 8 that are yet to be presented. Functions that are locked to the new models etc.
Hearing someone from Apple, up on stage, whether it be Tim or Craig, would be heartwarming. It'd be like Steve was in the room watching. I'm getting emotional just thinking about it. Anyways, I think the 5.5 and the bracelet will come hand in hand. A way to tuck away the 5.5, and for simple things just use the bracelet.
Nah.. They'll all be running "A" processors by then. ;-)
I think the big iPhone and the bracelet/ wearable or whatever, will come in one presentation. It'll be the solution to not having a very large unit in your hand for most little tasks. It could remain in the pocket/ bag or wherever it is.
After all the fuzz I just had to check out te 360 and... wtf.. It's some sort of a joke, right? It's the worst thing I've ever seen. Well, whatever Apple does I hope it comes in different flavours. Wearing a bracelet is very personal, and I'd hate if there's a one-design-for-all mindset there. We'd all look like patients on a futuristic hospital.
I'm pretty sure I can type just about anything MUCH much faster on an iPhone keyboard than with a pen... So what's with the pen? I'd like a pen for art and doodles.. Is it for non text note taking, like math and stuff? How are they marketing the pen?
Samsung? Not 4 me.
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