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Wow! That's some serious recognition for a third party software company. Great news!
Ousting Scott wasn't such a great idea...
1. No AppleID Password? = A bit... unfortunate? 2. $99,99 for some virtual fish bucks? = Evil, greedy, cunning... 3. Dear Apple, out of the box any iOS device should be set to "Prompt password immediately" instead of "after 15 minutes" as it is now. People don't take their time to find these settings.
Still can't believe he's gone.. Steve RIP
Ahem.. Password? Just saying...
Once they have the TV worked out properly I hope they take on software again.. It has sort of gotten forgotten about. Apple software isn't as awesome as it could be. Now, with Jony Ive on top, who knows what will happen? Apple Software as a whole could be a leg.
The reason Apple's full scale TV is taking its time could be related to this: http://m.techcrunch.com/2013/01/25/h265-is-approved/ Apple could create a lot if buzz being the first h265 solution around.
Any reports on Core Graphics being optimized (again)? Mountain Lion brought down Core Graphics significantly.. especially for me on retina Macbook Pro. Kinda missing the days of Snow Leopard - the first operating system by Apple that was launched with "optimization" as a key feature. It should always be a key feature if you ask me.
They're all waiting for that god damn Apple TV announcement.
I was in a show case booth last year with Samsung's latest smart TV's. I was so underwhelmed. You know, it was full of all the apps and stuff, but... it quite frankly just didn't work. Voice didn't work. Motion didn't work. Apps didn't work. Typing with an old school TV remote didn't work. Track padding with the newer remote didn't work. It was aweful. I can't believe how such refined hardware (the display was good) was complemented with such aweful software. Indeed it's...
New Posts  All Forums: