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Perhaps they're looking into making a lossless compressed 5k signal.. like an "Apple Lossless" for 5k. But like you say, for a Mac Pro, pairing two (out of six) ThunderBolt 2 ports could be totally acceptible. Still got four to go. However.. it's Apple. They will probably not talk about 5k stand alone displays until a new Thunderbolt 3 Mac Pro comes out in 2015. ;-)
Thanks. Yeah, it sure is an awful ammunt of bits to be shoved through the cable.The bandwidth of Thunderbolt 2 is 20 Gbps, right? And the bandwidth of 5k in 60fps is... probably jsut about exceeding that. But let's say it supports 4k in target mode? It says on the specs page that it does support target mode, so I guess it will.. just not at 5k. 4k in 60fps, I read here, is about 17.2 Gbps. So that's not too friggin shabby. Let's wait things out. Update. Oh.. I just noticed...
It's the double identity of the iMac. "Support for Target Display Mode via the Thunderbolt port using a Thunderbolt to Thunderbolt cable (sold separately)"http://www.apple.com/imac/specs/  
It's a big company.. Big business in play. Big money. It was a good show. Trailing off a bit, but I missed Craig on the show floor I know he's not in the mobile business, but if Craig had entered the stage instead of U2 in the end, it'd have been a perfect show :-D
Chiming in. Great casting. There's something about both his ego, and his energy that I think matches up perfectly for the role. Just knowing this (assuming that he signs) I've got my hope back for this film.
The whole design screams "Teens, this is for your older, successful young adult brother/ sister." I'm more interested in hearing how young adults.. or.. say 20-40 year olds, perceive it.
And this is even before Metal is implemented in any test, no?
Ha.. Remember that film
Apple hates Samsung so much, they wanna punish PayPal. Great...
I tried the plus in a store the other day, and this was my immediate experience too. Even just in regular use. Might get sorted out though. The iPad is not laggy, is it?
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