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Overall great feelings about the new iOS 7. It looks to be a major, major update in terms of everything! A LOT of new functionality! + iTunes + AirDrop + Flatness + Photos and Camera + Typography + Nice icons! + Nice looking Notification Center! + Multitasking looks great + Control Center is great + gestures from all edges is nice + Safari tabs! + Calendar! + Mail!   My only issues with this beta snapshot showed to the public are of cosmetic nature - Calendar...
Yeah, I think there was something about the whole keynote that was oozing of a new relaxed bunch. Also watching Tim was really nice. He has picked up some speed and seemed at ease, responding to the guy shouting "I love you" and stuff. It was nice. I like the new Apple.Forstall though... I miss him a little. He had some of that intense fire that Steve had. I don't see that kind of fire in any of these guys. It's ok I guess.. but still.. I think there must be room for those...
We really have to understand Apple's DNA here. Whereas Dropbox is trying to efficiently solve today's problem here and now, Apple is desperately trying to redefine the whole user experience. In the meanwhile, till Apple get it right, we just have to use services like Dropbox.
I think it's for fear that the others will take them and tie them to Google or Microsoft, and ten years from now when the entry level people are getting richer they're already too tied to other services to change to Apple. Long term rhetorics.
At $399 we're talking about a device that can run regular iPhone apps. I wouldn't call it low-end though. For a true low end phone it better be around $149 or something.
This is rediculous on so many levels. Perhaps the level that makes it most sad is that the industry is looking at the web traffic and says "Hey, look at all these user forums, Facebook, Instagram... Look at all the traffic! This is the kind of images people are used to nowadays. They don't care about fine quality. They care about urgency. We need to post images right there and then!"
1 hour and 15 minutes? uh uh.. save me. I'm sure I'm easily quadrupling that number...
I get the feeling this is the "new" Apple led by Jonathan Ive. I though it was beautiful.
Imaginary quote: "You're taxing it wrong.."
What region are you in? It's probably one of those US only services... like with most video on demand services. I couldn't find it either. Norway here.
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