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So whatever it is it's not flexible.. I was hoping for a flexible device - but with saphire glass I guess it's not.
Even though they're new, they're clearly using the old voice synthesis - except the UK ones.
Anything that's ad-supported stinks..
It wait was after holding it, so.. Yeah. Feels heavy in my hand.And yeah, 5 was not my taste either, as you've probably guessed by now ;-)
New year approaches, new phone rumors awaits. My 4S is showing signs of resignation. 5S not my taste. 5C appears heavy and clumsy compared to the 5. iPhone 6 rumors. Bring it on!
I think the watch will be the TV controller.
I've never been considering a Mac Pro until now. Nothing to do with the posters though ;-)
Pixelmator is great. I keep forcing myself to using it instead of Photoshop a lot of times in order to get more used to it. And no kidding, that new engine is feeling blazing fast!   I still haven't gotten used to Apple's automatic saving, versioning and then the "duplicate" guidelines, all of what Pixelmator is strictly following though. I'm so used to the old school. I guess "Save" now means "Save Version", since regular saving is performed automatically. OK, got it.....
I'm concerned as well. I find 7 more efficient in many respects, and I can see where they're going, but looking back at 6 - yes, I think it lost some magic. I hope they're not satisfied, but hard at work perfecting and bringing back the magic.
The Mac Pro is the first "desktop" computer in about two decades that I actually consider buying. Perfect. But I've grown so used to Retina displays so I'm dreading having to use non retina displays again. They're like itching in the eyes with those big colour dot arrays...
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