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Sleek interface. Impossibly fat. Does it even fit behind a sleeve? What were they thinking? "We gotta get this thing out before Apple! No matter how thick it is!"
Phabulous! BTW, I hope all front glass leaks we've seen are fake. Top and Botton need to be streamlined. Especially top. There's no front glass leak yet for this 5,5 is there? Most mockups either just scale up everything proportionally, or they assume they've got the same border width. For the 5,5, it looks totally too fat with the thick top border. Needs to be slimmer.
What screen are they using? Almost looks like an OLED in this video.
Finally a proper 5.5" leak. Should have room for a lot of work. Oops.. First I thought both were the new models. But the small one is the current model I guess? Ok.. So if this is the 4.7" model it's pretty large already..
I can't believe it.. first I wonder how Samsung (and others) would have marketed their phones if it wasn't for the iPhone... And what would they look like? And how would they work? Probably like crap. Now I foresee the same thing happening with the so called smart watches. (I prefer to call them power bracelets Does Apple have to come first, and set the standards, and then everyone will have to go back to the copy machine and "reinvent"? These press images look like 50...
Exciting newmours. It would make sense to launch it prematurely this time, since the industry is cookig with "smart watches", and people are starting to buy them. Also, the health app will look mysteriously empty without its device. I hope it's flexible, and that it snugs into place with a design that doesn't scream LOOK AT MY WRIST, I'VE GOT AN iWATCH! And about non leaks. Perhaps it's being built an assembled in Apple's own facilities on home turf?
Yeah. I briefly tried a 5.2 inch phone the other day. I withdraw any remarks on 5+ inch being too big. It's positively within jeans pocket domain. I'll be looking forward to a little bit bigger work screen estate.
The bracelet will be waterproof. And it will be special. And then it will be copied. Samsung,.. What a bunch of idiots.
Today I got to try a 5.2 inch phone. It didn't at all feel too large or anything. It felt good in my hand. I'm not worried about oversizing the next iPhone. In fact I'm more worried about Apple not introducing a 5+ one.
All points true.. many things to take into account. I look at it like this:The iPad is designed for getting through a day of work.The iPhone was designed for getting through a day of phone.But as I (and others, I assume) use our phones more and more for work, the battery life doesn't keep up. And then 4G came and we were back to square one in battery life, etc.I think, if there is a big iPhone to be announced, it'll be designed for a day of work, just like the iPads.
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