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Ha.. interesting. One problem with mappnig cameras is to remove all cars from the pictures.. Google don't seem to care. But I think that if you've got high speed sensors scanning the road close to your car, (we can assume that there's at least a few meters of gap to the next car) we could potentially get a car free scan of the road that you're on.. while the surrounding could be filled with cars and other objects. Of course it also makes sense for a self driving car to...
I was just wondering about the spinning thing. Seems like a 3D thing.
Perhaps it'll be a commute van for all Apple employees.
"Apple's behind-the-scenes dealings with record labels..." It's a fail right there. To BE the music business you have to make sure that the source of music is thriving. The indie artists and DJ's must be able to upload and market themselves WITHOUT any record labels or money involved. Just like on YouTube, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Patreon or any other indie alternative. These days labels are becoming more like trucks, some people will still need them, but most of us will be...
If Apple is entering the electric vehicles game, it must be something they think they can "revolutionise". Just a car wouldn't be Apple enough. To truly be Apple they must try and solve something that doesn't work today. For instance most cars are have place for 4-5 people, but is filled with just one person. Most car commuters fill up the road, creating rush hour traffic. It's not sustainable. I find it unlikely for Apple to support this corroding vision of the future....
Apple hires a fleet of cars equipped with a lot of cameras. It's probably for precise street level 3D mapping. Ok great.. Gotcha.. Next story..
If they wanna stay on top of the game, the only thing they need to nail is Dead on precision. None of the other iPad styli out there offer this. But perhaps it's just for newer devices with a new screen pen input sensor or something.
Is there something in Swift that binds it to ARM? Perhaps it's ARM exclusive, and a first hint of what's to come. Speculating. Another idea is to kill the Mac and introduce a more mature iOS platform for a new generation of ARM trucks iPhone, iPad, iTruck. In any case I bet the A processors are being developed simultaneously with a more powerful version for trucks with 4x the performance, or something.
Great! Now make an HDMI to lightning dongle that will take care of the heavy computing burden on hardware. Then iOS devices could finally be used for monitors and viewfinders for just about anything.
Yeah exactly! I've tried it a little, and I love the idea, but wtf? Why keep the quality this low? I mean they could easily get a great quality at like 48kbps AAC or even less. Currently it sounds like a old school compression type, at a very low bit rate/ sample rate. I don't get it. I guess messages are typically below 30 seconds. They'd be smaller than a typical Snap, even with great audio.
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