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They have said the songs will be DRM free, that they can be played without any DRM decryption. But they haven´t said what else they´ll do. Might be encrypted tags embedded in the tracks, such as who bought the song, etc. Might not be so intriguing to file share a song if it has your name tag on it.
I agree, it sounds pretty risky. Let's hope they keep it safe. Perhaps, if people would actually start using iChat one day.. then Apple would become more careful with features like this. I like iChat, but I have like 2-4 percent ichat friends and the rest are on MSN or ICQ even... this won't change overnight.. at least not when iChat isn't available on Windows..
How about introducing HD content and European movie store at an event soon?
I think the "iPod" as we know it today will eventually be replaced by the iPhone. The iPod nano and shuffle will still be around for ultra portable and cheap needs. The standard iPod will perhaps change into an "iPod HiFi" or "iPod tablet" or something like that, with a larger screen size, larger capacity and iPhone OSX with more apps.
Not for the cooperation with Cisco for all what I know..
It's strange that this guy is talking about it. Perhaps he doesn't know about Apple's policy of not talking until they have a marketing strategy plan.
Reminds me of the Apple Lossless audio codec.. that's a strange one. Is it lossless or is it not?
Horrible Pixlet was my initial reaction.. perhaps I should have just put it disappointing Pixlet, or Pixlet the sad story. Pixlet was presented somewhat like ProRes, like "The codec that provides studio grade HD quality at SD bitrates" or something like that. But it didn't. The advantage over JPEG compression is that it preserves dark and bright colors much better, I give them that. But they should never have released it. Should have kept working on it until they reached...
The problem is that if you want to do color adjustments (levels, curves, contrast, color balance etc) on compressed material most of the time you will spot the compression straight away. Brightening up a dark area that is compressed surely brings up visible compression artefacts. But doing the same on uncompressed material could provide a good result, depending on the source of the footage. Of course the best would be to have RAW footage or 16 bit footage. I don't even...
- Leopard, 1 hour. - Software brief: iLife, iWork, Final Cut Studio with ProRes etc, 30 minutes. - iPhone, both for consumers and developers, 45 minutes. - New portable products with Santa Rosa. 20 minutes. - Screening of new commercials 10 minutes. - Presenting their complete lineup and new prices, comparsion charts etc, 15 minutes. - Guest appearances Adobe, some at&t guy, pro video guy, x-code guy, 20 minutes. (Which includes the return of the Photoshop benchmark...
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