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Is this what the new PowerBook 12" replacement has been waiting for all these years?
Yeah, it's not like 3G is only for web surfing. 3G is the whole thing, all connection types, from data to regular calls or video calls. And plus it typically must be backwards compatible with 2G networks so it must have a combo chip of some sort that can make connections on all bands.
I think that developing and releasing a sophisticated portable OS X with some great core apps, and then releasing a platform where the user is not allowed to use these great apps... is very sad. It would be like selling a Mac Mini and restricting users from using Final Cut Pro, or MAYA... just because it's supposed to be a consumer Mac. Even though we will surely shortly find a software market on iTunes where we can buy software and fill up the black void on the "iPhod's"...
Yeah that's nice.. I do that all the time in Live, and before that in Reason. But I do so much more than that in Live, that's why I refer to Mainstage as somewhat entry level compared to Live. A really visibly unchallenged way to manage and use software synths and effects via midi or whatever, especially for stage. I hate to lean forward to the computer to read the tiny Live UI font to fix stuff for example. But on stage, at least for me, it's normal to have means to play...
This looks good. Finally Apple is showing some serious work on the Logic GUI. Much needed. Great prices too! The new Mainstage looks nice, but perhaps a little basic. I'm not sure how it handles midi arrangements or audio tracks, syncing to midi clocks and arrangements etc. Looks nice though, but I don't think it's an Ableton Live replacement. More like an entry level thing. Nice though!
Remember Apple is getting 10% of the call and data income if rumors are true, which might mean that T-mobile is adding those 10% for the consumer to pay. I can only speak for Scandinavia, but here it's normal with no monthly fee at all, and like 5 kr / 10 minutes (= 0,9 USD). Also in Sweden 3G with monthly fee is getting into the competition (instead of charge per MB).. this would be the best for 3G iPhone. But the thing in Europe is that there are many decent...
It looks nice, but what's up with the asymetric black borders around the screen? Fatter border on the sides than on the top/bottom of the screen. It kind of makes it look like a design flaw. Btw, is it possible to define my own EQ on the new iPod OS? The presets are mostly unusable.
I agree.. A top model with 32 GB would have caught me, even though it still has got no e-mail or notes apps. But then there would be no room for upgrading it next spring. However, when Apple (I suppose sometime before xmas) shows us how we can buy stuff to fill up all the black void on the middle of the iPod touch and iPhone, that's when many 16GB hesitants won't be able to hold back anymore.
Yeah, it's really odd that the new iPod Classic that is the obvious choice if you want to store and watch a lot of movies and pictures on your iPod will only play movies on a tiny screen. Strange strategy.. I guess I could use Yahoo mail and have it check my regular pop mail.. How is the yahoo mail interface on "iPhod"? But I like the idea of having my mailbox in my pocket, regardless of coverage. And Apple's Mail app for the iPhod looks really great. I mean, what's the...
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