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Good... now all we need is an ultra portable pro...
Btw.. I suspect the next wave of iPhone sales will take off when Apple show off their software strategy sometimes this fall. They created this portable OSX so that they can start selling software on iTunes after all... didn't they?
For me it's not the GB... it's the functionality. I've been on a 10 GB 3G iPod for like 4 years now. I don't plan to get a new one until there is a significant functionality upgrade. I don't mind if I can only fit in like 10 - 20 episodes of a series. If the next model sports the same OSX and touch screen as iPhone, then a 16 GB would be fine for me, allthough I'd prefer 32 GB. If it in fact IS an iPhone without the phone, that would be crazy. I sadly expect it to be...
I was in the store and tried out the 20" 2GHz model. I was very surprised that they have compromized on the display. It's of very low quality. Especially the vertical viewing angle is poor, compared to the 24" model that is excellent. It would be a shame if the "better" 20" model uses the same poor display. Could someone check if that's the case?
Matte vs glossy screen is a make it or break it for me. Unfortunately Apple seem to have gone glossy only leaving us with no build to order matte screen. I'm glad I bought the previous iMac. It would have been permanently bugging me all days long with a reflective screen in my bright office. I don't understand why these glossy screens are so popular...
"Major storage media", that's a very odd comment. It sounds like either there are two versions where the major version is flash based, and the minor version is HD based. Or the major version is 16GB, and the more expensive models are 32GB or 64GB or something. I refuse to think that there will be a 16GB major flash storage and a secondary harddrive in the same device. "Major storage media"... very strange.,,
Is he just giving an extra guess just in case..? A small light weight notebook or tablet from Apple.. I would be all over it. Many other manufacturers has got decent lightweight PC's already, why is Apple lagging behind? I guess they're trying to do something spectacular.. Like the first useable touch-tablet or something like that. I'd be happy with just a "MacBook thin" though.
How big is this update? I'm just curious of generally how big a system update for (portable) OS X is.
Most of Apple's products are a little expensive. But they're generally really good products. Apple show business growth all the time now, and people has learned to appreciate what Apple stands for. I'm rather buying a pricy iPhone than a stupid Symbian phone.
Since it's got WiFi, does it play via airtunes?
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