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Are you sure it's gonna be called MacBook? Perhaps more likely the iMacBook. There is nothing in "MacBook" that suggests what the target group is. MacBook pro sounds like it's for pro's. iMac sounds like it's for home users. MacBook feels more like the old term Powerbook, and not like iBook. iMacBook or MacBook [something ipod-demographic'ish] would perhaps be a better guess?
I think intel is next.
Yeah, but intel has recently announced a major price drop of around 20 - 30% on the core duo family as they're increasing the production in the end of May. Perhaps Apple will adjust pricing by that time.
I just hope they come up with something beautiful and not just cover the whole piece in color like Sony just did with the new VAIO. They look really bad: No, I hope they come up with something really nice and not just a shiny plastic color. Actually I'd like to see a textile surface with textile patterns. I know it'd become dirty and worn out, but it'd be sooo nice with a textile computer. Perhaps something like this: (These patterns are from BagIT)
Wohoo! Cool news!
What's up with the Bluetooth hysteria? Until the debute of the next bluetooth version there won't be so many interesting ways of using bluetooth on an ipod. How bad is the sound compressed through bluetooth headphones anyway? Is it bad, or is it ok? The specs of the next version of bluetooth is speedy enough to rid the whole iPod of cables, then there would be some nice new feature possibilities. Now that would require an airport compatible ipod to reach those speeds.
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