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I'm sure AMD have a lot of products coming up that they haven't talked about yet. But for now I think Intel's lineup an known roadmap looks pretty good.
This is a brilliant idea! Assuming that this sensing surface is available on both laptops, stand alone surface and even displays it'd make it a dream for 3D party developers and for home made overlay makers. I'd use one overlay for music apps, one for video apps, one for drawing apps, I'd experiment with my own overlays made of I don't know... Lego? Heck for some experimental music apps or something you don't even need an overlay, just scatter some buttons over the...
I hope Apple introduce two ultraportable things. One newton-ipod with some kind of super-portable-mini-OSX, and one 1-1,5 kg laptop.
The PC guy is really nice. It's like you wanna help him, and take care of him. He's cute. In my part of the world that kind of a guy that the Mac guy is, is pretty lame and doesn't work. Maybe it works in the states... I dunno. I never liked the idea behind the whole campaign, but I liked the PC guy I hope they come up with something better next time, and not like a super proud, stylized movie star model trying to act humble but really isn't. Instead they would be cooler...
Still the glossy screen, still the 950 accelerator? Forgetaboutit... When is the intel graphics accelerator 950 getting a serious upgrade? I'm sure the technology can deliver some decent performance, but today it's just below what I'd say is decent enough. Too bad they don't have a build to order non glossy screen model.
"Speaking with 50 Adobe customers" hardly qualifies as a serious research. Are these 50 customers Mac users searching for a replacements for their current mac systems? Or are they a mixed group? etc... A lot of questions un answered in this report..
Apple is known for keeping their products secret until as close to release as possible. If Nvidia is buying PortalP today it might mean that a new iPod product is just around the corner that already has a joint Nvidia/PortalP product in it. Apple is probably pushing all their partners to act as casual as possible to keep all secrets secret as long as possible. speculation...
Exactly my thoughts. Smaller MacBook Pro's is by far more interesting than bigger consumer MacBooks. I would have bought a small pro one if there was one. Now I'm thinking to keep my PB 12" and getting an iMac in the meanwhile for serious work. Then if/when that darn MacBook Thin arrives perhaps I'll swap my PB 12"..
It'll sell.. They're following the exact same business model as Apple after all.. and they're probably gonna follow the plan through. And the player doesn't look ass bad as most other Microsoft products. As already said, it's gonna see some modest success. If Apple is ready, and I think they're trying spanking hard to, they will introduce a next generation iPod a couple of days before the Zune launches, to steal all the glory from the Zune launch. All Zune reviews will...
The best would be to replace the harddrive completely with.. say, 8x8GB flash memories connected to act like one volume. And then you could have a free slot around the battery or something for insertion of secondary flash drive.
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