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What way do you see devices you connect via USB?
If it were not called "S5", it would look a bit less like a me-too product. Makes you wonder if Samsung has now accepted their position as cheap copy cat.
What makes Google buying Nest newsworthy beyond the Apple-Google thing, is that it confirms widely held suspicions about smart thermostats uncontrolably sharing private data. So the ecosystem it belongs to becomes a factor when you buy one. Which do you trust? Your power supplier's smart thermostat? Google's? A future product by Apple? Is such a thing *really* going to save you enough money and headaches? I think in the end both Google and power suppliers will offer...
 To me as an iOS user, this is still very important, plus the amounts of complaining I hear from Android users. And the following two arguments are exactly what I was thinking and they make a valid point as for why the research may be invalid, but they are also based on the kind of wishful (snobist) thinking typical for me and quite a few iPhone users.    
This sounds like a perfect Apple product because of how nice and impossible it seems. Last month I was in an electronics store asking if such a device existed because I thought that would make for a great tv. For some reason, projected tv is easy on the eyes and when it is off, you don't have this huge ugly black square in your house. The man said no, impossible, many people ask for it but it requires a lot of energy, color balance is like hell, depends a lot on local...
Kind of off topic, but it makes me wonder how many animals can see more depth than we can with single eyes, using tricks like this.
I think those high pixel resolutions Samsung is projecting for 2015 don't neccessarily mean high densities. They could also mean larger tablet screens. Or if Samsung really thinks pixel densities are going to be that high, Apple may have fooled them about their roadmap by asking when Samsung could produce screens like that.
Yes I think you understand me correctly. A closer look makes me understand how it probably works, but heck they could have communicated that a lot more clearly and attractively! (ok I'm not willing to dive that deep into MS products either) Agree with your last part. Everything seems to point that way, doesn't it? It better be better than Surface, for Apple's reputation's sake :-)
It occurs to me that it should be possible to make an iPad keyboard cover that can take *three* positions, instead of just two. The picture of two docked iPads gave me the idea. These are the positions I mean - the third could be quite special I think. 1: in use as keyboard, screen standing straight. As in the picture 2: covering the front when iPad not in use. 3: folded against the back, so you basically hold your iPad as if there is no keyboard. The trick would be that...
somewhat off topic: i have discovered that on iPhone 4, turning off App Refresh completely makes iOS 7 almost as fast and responsive as iOS 6.
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