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 Last year I was thinking the iPhone 5 was disappointingly boring. Now they're selling the same, but less boring phone for 100 less and another less boring but significantly more powerful phone for the same price. I call that progress.
Three things make me think these pictures are fake: - the phones are on while packed. - the phones are pink, while the more credible pictures always show white, red, blue, yellow, and green. - the fronts are black, while Apple shows iOS 7 design always against white fronts. Besides, I think iOS 7 blends more with a white front.
I think this would look better with black bezels than white ones
"We now have about half a million developers in China working on iOS apps," Cook said. That's up over 70 percent year-over-year."   Up until now I had totally overlooked the importance of this.   A trustworthy developer ecosystem seems to be even more distinguishing in China than it is in the West.
If Cook had said this, it would have been news. Now it's just the squeaking of a rat.
I'm not so sure if Apple Stores are a kind of 'money printing' instruments the way Daniel puts it. It seems to me that these days a retail store needs must-see products in order to keep attracting customers. That could well be why Microsoft and Samsung failed at it, but it is not like Apple Store products will forever evoke the curiosity and turnover they have generated the past years. As far as I'm concerned, new iPhones and iPads are not worth the trip the way they...
Full Apple TV Will not have the same form factor current tv's have. IT Will be totally different. IT Will be Like today s box but with a high quality beamer for a relatively low price and a screen which You can fold, put upright or hang on the ceiling. The problem with the current generation of tv's is that they're Huge, not scalable, immobile and worst of All they look Like ugly depressing black rectangles when turned off. IT is going to be revolutionary.
Wake Up everyone: mini was really not made for reading text. It's pitched as a serious allround tablet for the whole family, but in practice consumers will judge and use it as a *game computer*. It's the same case with iPad already. They essentially compete with Play Station, XBox, Nintendo and laptops. Not ereaders or 'Galaxy Notes'.
That Apple logo on the back needs to move up *quite* a bit in order to give this any suggestion of being real at all!!!! Apart from that: this could be to iPad what iPod nano was to iPod: huge.
I was pulled towards this article because the title promised a new view on Tim Cook's presentation. But no. The article doesn't support the title at all. There is not one example of wit, passion or analytical focus beyond what you might expect from any CEO. Not that the article contradicts the title. It's just that there apparently was this personal feeling Daniel Eran Dilger had about Cook during the meeting, which he then found neccessary to express in the title - but...
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