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It's always been a good sign for an Apple product when it's downplayed by the competition. And btw the argument that people won't talk to Siri in public is so. Incredibly. Shortsighted. What's the difference with talking to your phone like people have been doing for more than a decade now? And when that started out, the same stupid thing was said about cell phones in general.
I agree with the missing panache observation. Especially Cook and Schiller were not just missing their usual energy - they seemed definitely sad. When Cook said "I love Apple", it sounded like "I can't believe how much I miss Steve". At the same time, I don't see how this would influence Apple's chances against other platforms, including all the Android versions.
It may be about patents, but it will definitely undermine 3rd party trust in Google. It will be very tempting to bring all new developments to Motorola devices first, because Google now can develop hardware and software together.
I've been wondering about what role iCloud will play in enabling mobile devices to manage what content they need at hand and what needs to be stored elsewhere. The comparison with the relation between RAM and harddrive came to mind and I thought: maybe in the future cloud storage will be cheaper, so most content will be stored in the cloud, while devices will keep only the most often used files. I think this is what most people still think. It's also what Apple tells...
Rolling Stone has every reason to move over to the platform as soon as they can, even if it isn't profitable yet. Right now, their authority when it comes to rock music is huge. If they don't take the mindshare they have right now to the iPad, any other blogger may become the rock music authority of the App Store. Even if that blogger doesn't make a lot of money, if Rolling Stone sits and does nothing, in maybe 10 years they might well have a *lot* of catching up...
I forgot to mention that I'd like to copy it from Finder, instead of having to open a browser to share a file I just put in a folder with Finder.
Great name for something that can keep things and cast things. And very un-internetlike. I hope that soon when you have a file on your iDisk, you can just copy a file's URL to the clipboard and paste it anywhere in order to share it, like You can from Dropbox' public folder.
Am I right that Lion creates a new space when an app goes full screen, and removes it when the app goes windowed again? That seems pretty neat. BTW all this indeed promises a lot for iOS 5, or 6.
I wonder if mobile device makers are improving battery life by underclocking the chip when the battery nears running out? Would not be a bad idea, but it might make first impressions of a device not very reliable.
Why would something with a big screen be a tv? Tv should be one of many things you can do with a big living room screen, if present at all (broadcasting is such a needlessly serial and outdated way to spread content, but ok - everyone seems to keep wanting it). It's funny how people react to the idea of Apple making a big screen device for the living room just the way they did when they heard about iPads, and iPods.
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