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Apple has tons of room and reasons for shocking surprises on both the pricing and the carrier front. They need to keep the primary focus from developers in a world where Android is looming. Meanwhile they currently have tremendous margins while they soon have iAd. Mark my words: the prices are where the biggest surprises are going to be.
I suddenly realize that in this design, white will add that 'lickability' effect I loved about certain iBooks and iPods. You don't see that here because they seem to have layed the white front on top of the glass of a black iPhone. That's why it seems so ugly I think. Anyway, I will almost certainly go for the white one this time!
Agree. This would mean that Apple might at last be allowed to un-hobby Apple TV.
They very possibly have never even had that ambition.
Apple didn't say anything *at all*! All that this article is really proving is that Dilger has forgotten to take his daily anti hysterical spinning spree pills.
The heading of this article suggests that Apple can and will keep Safari/QuickTime from supporting the V8 codec. But Jobs *allegedly* only referred to a critical article as reflecting his opinion on V8. To me this suggests that "Apple thinks Google's V8 video codec is flawed and risky" would be a way more appropriate heading. Especially since a heading like the current, copied to sites like Macsurfer and the likes, will make many people think that Apple will be treating...
Precisely.For this reason I would never believe that Apple has been stupid enough to ask for public apologies, which only makes them look worse. A warning must have been enough.So I suppose the relationship between DeGeneres and Apple has not become any better now that she did come back to the subject in public...Glad she did it though - apologizing makes her seem a bit stupid at first, but as a sarcastic way to discomfort Apple a bit more after their dorky complaint,...
1. That cover would make a great iPad background. 2. It's funny how he's starting to look a bit like Ghandi. It's said that the latter had a temper, too.
I'm afraid that with his 'Widgets' suggestion based on finding the term 'stand-alone-contacts' as being something different from the 'little brown book', Daniel jumps too conclusions again. It's a lot more probable that you can have stand-alone-contacts on your homescreen, which open specific contact screens within the Addressbook app, next to the little-brown-book, which opens the Addressbook app as your collection of contact data. Especially since this feature has...
You only had to see the title in order to know that this article is from Daniel Eran Dilger.Each and every one of his articles are evil, biased and misleading.They are to us, Apple fans, what tabloids are to real people: weapons in de hands of the corporations and opium for their consumers.I love it.
New Posts  All Forums: