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Oh yes, I can definitely imagine iPhone/iPod Touch apps running inside a window on a tablet. Especially when they are games. And maybe Apple will provide some programming environment that makes it easy for developers to let their apps automatically adjust their screen lay-out to the size of the window they're running in, where the window = the screen when ran on an iPhone.
Why has Windows 7 not been mentioned yet? Why isn't anyone talking about MS's plans to offer Office via the web? Ok, these are not particularly swift reactions by Microsoft, but they could be very appropriate. If there's anything that Microsoft doesn't need to survive and maybe even grow, that is swiftness. My opinion is that Apple, Google and Microsoft each have business models that are so completely different from eachother (in terms of target market, ways to...
If you "unstretch" the part on the right of the graph, you can indeed see that Microsoft's search share has indeed been *climbing* the past months almost as quickly as it was falling shortly before. I think that the partly stretched graph isn't really fair, by kind of hiding that.
I think the Zune can only be substantially better if the available 3rd party software is better, but that will be very unlikely if they don't sell the Zune outside the US. Microsoft should know that really well - it makes me wonder what they're actually up to with the Zune.
I think it's really silly how this affects Apple's stock price. Although I wish Steve all the best and though I know that he's really immortal, I better go save some money for Apple stock being a total bargain the day Jobs quits. Still, when the pancreas news came some years ago AAPL hardly reacted.
I think lowering the price might not have very much impact. In my country, it's priced at 1 euro in combination with a pretty attractive T-Mobile phone + unlimited 3G subscription. I think that many people are just not interested enough in iPhone's features, to even check their preconception that Apple products are way too expensive. Apple's perceived priceyness is becoming more and more of a problem, I think.
This is precisely the kind of thing that PC does in Apple's ads!!!
I don't see why Apple's reaction is being presented as a an act of emotion, power play and punishment. If Apple expects to sell less iPhones in Canada because of Canada's tarif plans, to customers who will be relatively unsatisfied, it's only natural for Apple to move the first 3G iPhones over to other countries where more will be sold under more positive conditions.
Sure, in the end I think it's a very good deal.I was only complaining about the sneaky way this activation fee went. Not just T-Mobile but so many others as well. I hate pricing tricks being played on me.
The reason we're being screwed less than many other countries is that 3G is already old here and blackberries already are business commodities. Until I saw these plans, I gave iPhone very little chance to catch up. Now it might. btwEU-27 cartogram: member states distorted to represent population density
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