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It's amazing how some people can be against this law, since it's so obviously in their own personal interest. Are you blinded by chauvinism? Patriottism? Or does the mere fact that politics are driven by opportunism and powerplay keep you from seeing that this time, it's in your own advantage as a consumer? The question is rather why not *all* governments force all companies *all* content from *all* hardware. iPods, PSPs X-Boxes - they're all really huge copyright...
Moreover, it's a biased interview, since every respondent will opt for the subscription model, which is not what Apple prefers (as far as is publicly known). This is probably a survey by some company collecting arguments for their negotiations, if it's a serious survey at all.
Despite all the transparency tricks, borrowed but still handy tools and the security updates, Windows Vista will still lack style and purpose. No matter how many types of tea the OS once will be able to serve you - deep inside, it will always carry the the soul of Marvin, the Paradroid Android ("Life's bad enough as it is without trying to invent any more of it.").
Who says Apple gave the order to do this research? I think it's a strange interview. No-one is going to pay the same price as for a DVD if you can only keep the movie on your harddrive, in a probably inferior quality. There's no doubt that everyone will say they prefer the monthly subscription model, if it costs only 9.99 Some-one, not definitely Apple, seems to be collecting ammo for their negotiations...
"You may watch your favorite live action film three, four, or five times in your life," said Jobs. "But for a great animation film, your kids may watch it a dozen or a hundred times." This is the (unspoken) crux for Apple. I've always felt that for that reason, animation movies strangely are the kind of movies you want to own. And Muppet Shows. Next should be The Jim Henson company.
There isn't any problem for us users when WM is being played inside QT player, is there?
I'd go iMac G6, not iMac I6 or iMac G6 Intel. And any new entertainment device would not be called a Mac. As for iMac G6: Admittedly, "G6" would not work as a reference to the chip itself anymore, because Intel and Centrino are such strong brands. But it would still be functional as a way to refer to a *generation* of iMacs. This generation would still be defined by the the chip it runs on, but that is not what should be going to matter the average consumer most....
Is it me or are those "new complex applications" not applications running on an iPod (games and PDA functionality as some suggest), but rather *new iPod related PC apps*?
I expect them to try it and see what happens and react in a way that's most to their advantage. They must have all kinds of scenario's for all kinds of situations ready. They hold all the cards. They're going to be the ones who are balancing out the prices and features of Windows, VPC, Office for Mac and Office for Windows. Still, I think every party is going to benefit somehow if Windows runs on a Mac. The user for having the Windows option, Apple for selling more...
If it works, Video Podcasting could become a way for Apple to improve their position in probably tough negotiations with video publishers... It could mean a twist to the economics of video publishing, since small movie mavericks may attract sponsors that would otherwise have to pay a lot if they had to reach their audiences through big media companies.
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