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The $15 has nothing to do with antennagate. USA 4G is different than foreign 4G, so it doesn't work overseas. They didn't explain that clearly in their advertising.
It's unfortunate that people don't understand that every phone looses some signal when you wrap your hand around it. It's even more unfortunate that people believe that the number of bars displayed is an accurate current measurement and display of phone reception. My 12 year old LG flip-phone with external antenna even looses bars when I hand-hold it. You can't defeat the laws of physics, but you can alter perception. Bars provide a general signal reading, but they...
No, blame the rapidly growing set of socialist Americans that feel everyone needs to be forced to live by a set of government mandated rules rather than by personal choice.
I purchased a Big Mac yesterday. I opened the package and it didn't look anywhere near as delicious as the one depicted on their menu. Looks like it's time to start a class-action file against McDs.
Apple is not greedy. They are a company in business to make money for their owners (stock holders) by selling products at a the highest price the market will bear. This describes every company.
No one should complain, especially after the huge petition to give Foxconn workers a 25% raise. Someone has to pay for it, and it's always the customer.
We would see a lot more stuff being made in the USA if we stopped taxing the hell out of manufacturers for it building here. If our government takes 35% of what you build or make in the USA, it's a no brainer to move production to a different country. We keep hearing people complain that Apple gets a 30% cut for distributing music and software, yet no one complains that our government gets a 35% cut of everything without giving any added value.
I work in the product development section of a manufacturer. We continually source samples of hundreds of components and supplies from suppliers world wide. This in no way indicates that any of them will wind up in any of our products. I would guestimate that less than 2% of the samples we get eventually end up in a product.
"I don't really see how they can sue Apple, given the fact that Apple was never in privy with them. Their beef is really with the labels." One of the great privelages we have here in the US of A is the right to sue anyone for anything at any time. You don't need any reason or proof, jst a few bucks to file. It's then up to the defendants to prove their innocence.
Macs are easier to use and more reliable than PCs. Back in the early 90's, our company of well over 6,000 employees with about a 50:50 ratio of Macs & PCS had to make a decision to go with either Macs or PCs. I sat in a meeting with the VP and several managers from IT. Pros and cons were discussed, and the VP finally simply stated,"If we switched to all Macs, I'd have to lay-off over 3/4 of my support staff." The company went the PC route, and I only own Macs.
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