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 So basically, you're saying, everybody that is not US citizen, but uses a US Service has no right at all? And vice versa, any other governement has no right at all at those informations on US servers from non-US citizen? So, with that logic, any US citizen that does business with any NON-US service would have no right AND the US governement would have no right on those informations eighter?If that's the case, and you are implying so, the US governement should not have any...
Actually, the security flaw is known since Februray 6th, so over 3 month! https://discussions.apple.com/thread/3715366
Actually with margins well below 10%, the retailers don't make a profit off the products. They make profit (if at all) from support and teaching
Apple is currently in a position, where it can deal with many Retailers the way it wants. They have all the assets and the retailers are more and more forced in a corner. One thing they should consider however is, what if, in the future, Apple isn't doing so well? Say, in 15 years Apple had to close many stores, they need to compete on more places and so forth. At that point, they would again need the retailers to survive. If the retailers however look back at the...
Too much effort, and people would call shenanigans if apple would collect the usual 30%.
LOL, what's that for a delusional ideaOh, and the US is not "supposed to owe them", you "do owe them".Thats not a question of "maybe they forgot", its a contract you signed.
Kinda funny. When apple sues someone its all "that's their right, and the others just should innovate themself and not steal from apple". when someone else sues apple its all "the patent system is broken".
In Switzerland and other countries in europe, there is already an App that's really popular and in some points better the iMessage. WhatsApp, http://www.whatsapp.com WhatsApp is cross platform, meaning it exists for iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Nokia. No Windows 7 Phone yet. It not free, but very cheap (.99cent) and sending Videos, Photos, Text, Location, Voicememos works exactly like iMessage. Its also got send and delivery icons (1 checkmark means its sent to the...
Hi I'm having a projector installed on the ceiling, connected to a Mac mini (10.6 Server). The Mac mini and the iMac are connected over Gigabit Ethernet. I need to show the content of the iMac on the projector. I had some ideas: Install Remote Desktop on the iMac and push the screen content to the Mac mini. This however is expensive (license) and works only for the display content, not the audio. Any other ideas?
So whats next? Banning eBay because its not purchasing items with in-app payment? Removing all newspapers because they log with a code that regular paper subscriber get? Forbidding ads that aren't iAd because the developer gets paid by the ads and not with inapp? (no really, apple doesn't make any money from admob-ads, the developer does, why shoudn't apple deserve 30% from that too? ) Or only allowing netflix if the subscription is bought with in-app? Seriously...
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