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I'm happy they are finally bringing iBooks to the mac. I've never actually bought an iBook, but that's because I don't like reading long stuff on my iPhone and I don't yet have an iPad. Nice to see they will support even higher resolution images now.
Selling them online. Big deal. So do 50 billion other online shops. 
 Agreed. Apple is not going to annouce a retina mini and ship it after the Holidays. That would kill the sales of the mini at a time when they could be making big Holiday money. Either they release it or they don't hold an event. No reason to hold an event for just the full sized iPad.  
Took me multiple tries and a handful of failures but finally got it after about two hours.  Wow this is a bit jarring. The movement of things is different. Wasn't expecting that. Will take a little getting used to.   
Are you implying that everyone here works on a computer for a living? 
Let's hope this bigger iPhone is out this September. My time for device renewal is then. I don't want to have to jump to an HTC One just because I want a bigger screen.
I have questions. Hopefully some of you can answer. Do you apply the filters before or after taking the photo? If it's before is there a way to get back the original image? If after does it save the filtered photo as a new photo? Also if after, do you have to go in manually, select the photo and then filter it or does it prompt you to filter it after the photo is taken? The latter could be annoying if you're trying to shoot multiple photos one after another quickly. I am...
I wonder if swiping left in the app switcher view shows music playback controls like it does currently when switching apps. Probably not since there are music controls in the control pane or whatever it's called.
Wow guys, that was a joke. One I definitely laughed out loud at. Don't be so defensive. 
Yup. I only know one person that uses his iphone 4 caseless and only because he got it used from a friend and the corners have cracked glass already. With a phone that is made of aluminum and glass, it's stupid not to use at least a basic bumper. Plus if you have your phone for 1.5 - 2 years some people like to change up their cases because they get bored with the same look. I know I have and so has my girlfriend. So black and white or black and silver does make the most...
New Posts  All Forums: