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Wow guys, that was a joke. One I definitely laughed out loud at. Don't be so defensive. 
Yup. I only know one person that uses his iphone 4 caseless and only because he got it used from a friend and the corners have cracked glass already. With a phone that is made of aluminum and glass, it's stupid not to use at least a basic bumper. Plus if you have your phone for 1.5 - 2 years some people like to change up their cases because they get bored with the same look. I know I have and so has my girlfriend. So black and white or black and silver does make the most...
Agreed. But I would say 4.5-4.7" would be a better fit. 4.2 is not much bigger than they already have. Ideally I'd like to see a 4.7 to match the HTC One. 
Falls in the time period of the WWDC so it sounds like maybe a new iPhone announcement with a couple weeks buffer for Apple to begin shipping. 
I like your plan. :)
I don't understand the philosophy of going plastic for a cheaper iphone. Seems to me like the case would be one of the least expensive parts of the device. But maybe if true it's more of a psychological thing, people associate plastic as not being as high end as metal. I wouldn't put it past Apple to make a plastic iPhone again. Just curious. 
I'm not against them having iPhone and iPad sales ahead of mac sales as those are the bigger sellers. But with that much money in the bank they shouldn't fall behind on their pro business and that's exactly what they've been doing. As for blu-ray what does it really hurt to have blu-ray compatibility in the OS and blu-ray burners either external and/or in the Mac Pro? ITunes downloads are a totally different kind of technology. It's not a zero sum game with these two,...
Apple needs to shore up its truck business. They've turned themselves from a content creation business into a content consumption business.  1. Were the hell is iLife '13 (or for that matter '12) 2. Aperture (level it up) 3. Mac Pros (a new range of machines is needed) 4. Blu-ray playback / burning support in OSX? (stop ignoring blu-ray and put some burners in your machines)
I don't know what you're talking about. I use the native camera app all the time. I much prefer it over camera+ and the other camera apps I have. It's also the only app that offers an HDR function. Plus it's fast and simple to use. 
It could also be that Apple is a much more popular company now so it grabs the attention of pretty much every news outlet. Which would make it harder for AppleInsider to break a new story when bigger news outlets get the info first. Gone are the days when Apple was the underdog and you had to go to mac specific sites for the latest rumors. 
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