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Just because AppleInsider believes the mini is on it's way out doesn't mean Apple does. Sounds to me like it isn't. It got a nice little refresh. Oh and what is a "titbit"?
Honestly I was a fan of the chin, but with this design, maybe they should have just gone chinless so it would match a studio display. For dual monitors without a big difference in look.
From Engadgets coverage: Tim: "We're refreshing the Mac mini today." So where is it, and why didn't they give it a formal announcement?
What the heck do you guys do for a living? I drive an old 1992 Honda Accord that's all rusted out. Are all mac users here rich? I constantly get that impression. Doesn't anyone here have to save up just to buy a mac. Takes me months just to afford a computer. I could only dream of owning cars like those. With that said I think Apple is more like Honda, innovative, long lasting cars, classy, dependable, but a little bit pricer then your typical car in it's class.
I don't think either will happen. In fact if the mini does get discontinued, I think it will be based on the idea that Steve doesn't like people hooking their minis up to their TV's. I get the impression that's why he created the AppleTV to begin with, to thwart people from using minis on their TV. Otherwise he would have just started selling the mini as a great entertainment system and gave front row a lot more umph. Ultimately I think he wants everything to come back to...
Shuffle Virtually unchanged. 2GB version available in black. Nano 2" touch screen with video playback and video output via the headphone jack and dock. Priced at $150(4GB), $200(8GB) and $300(16GB). Aluminum with colors just like current line-up. Video 3.5" touch screen with wifi, similar size and design as iphone but without the nice satin aluminum finish, silver frame or telephone capabilities, one solid color. One model priced at $399 for 80-120GB hard drive or...
Is there a map or list somewhere showing which best buys have these Apple mini stores and which will be getting them?
I agree Apple kind of thumbed their nose at Paris last year. But then again wasn't it last year the French made a big stink about iTunes music not be open ? I wonder if Apple is still upset about that. But then why have the expo if you aren't going to really announce anything.
I have to agree. Having a 60 and 100gig model with a touch screen and OSX would be great. I'd love to have the wifi+safari but then, like so many people, I wouldn't have a need to buy an iphone. At the very least it should have bluetooth for wireless headphones. That at least makes sense for a portable media player. Wifi is just a bonus if it's included. However if it was priced the same as an iPhone but the only difference was the trade-in of the phone/flash storage...
I think he's talking about using a US based T-Mobile Sim chip in a German T-Mobile locked phone. Personally I don't have the answer. I don't know how similar German T-Mobile is to US T-Mobile. If in fact that even lock phones in Germany. I think your best bet is to wait until you can get an unlocked iPhone, then pop your T-Mobile sim in there..
New Posts  All Forums: