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The iPhone is almost perfect to me, all it's missing is an 80gig hard drive, T-Mobile support and that built in camera isn't looking too hot (I have a feeling it's pictures are going to look like all those other crappy cell phone cameras - high res but not good quality. Not enough to replace a real digital point and shoot camera).
I feel the same way. I want to use it with T-Mobile. If all I lose is visual voicemail that's fine with me. I never had it to begin with. So it looks like I'll be buying one of these iphones off ebay unlocked. The big question is, what's it going to cost to buy an unlocked iphone from an importer? Obviously it's going to cost more, but I wonder how much more.
I think it looks cool but I would have also liked a white one. ...and yeah, what is the speed of the processor? I mean we are talking about a computer here, how much can we expect it to do?
Everybody always finds the one thing Apple didn't update to complain about G_Warren I think you'll still hear rumors about the iPhone. But now they will be about upgrades to the unit.
Aside from a hard drive based iphone, I'd also like to see a game controller add-on that clips onto each side of the iphone. Apple now has the perfect platform for (portable) gaming. I'd also like to see a picture of the back of the iphone is anyone has one.
I thought they already dropped the word computer like 6 months ago?
I don't know, is this Leopard it's running? They say it runs OS X but somehow I doubt it runs the full OS. It looks more like an OS X mobile version and they just decided not to put the word mobile behind it. The core of the OS is probably the same though.
iPhone: no CDMA support no two batteries no zirconium body (what is it actually made out of, does it scratch like the 5G?) Cinema Displays - with built in isight Leopard Preview/Release Widescreen iPod (at least how some people expected it - does anyone still expect a widescreen ipod with harddrive later on?) What else didn't happen? Not trying to focus on the negative, just trying to round up the false rumors.
Don't forget the long rumored iTablet, that's basically what this is. And with that "who wants a stylus" line they pretty much confirmed there is no larger tablet w/stylus in the works
I used to think it might be possible. But I now believe Apple will never release a consumer tower. At least as long as Steve is in control. I am surprised this keynote had nothing to do with computer news. Aren't macworlds usually for computer news and Apple special events for stuff like ipods?
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