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They don't just have one size of Macbook. They shouldn't have just one size of iPhone.  
Where is iPhoto '12? I assume at this point we aren't getting it? I have iPhoto '09 and I've been waiting all year to upgrade because I figured they'd bring out a new version already. The old one is from late 2010. 
Guess you'll be able to get a deal on the older model pretty soon. Personally I like Nvidia. I'm still on a late 2008 aluminum unibody macbook with a 9400M in it. So this would be the year for me to upgrade. I just hope the new models are supported by CS6 for faster rendering. Probably not Cuda but at least via openCL.
I could see Apple introducing a 7 inch ePad with a color e-ink display for schools and e-book readers. Multi-touch but not capable of everything a full blown iPad can do.    But I don't see them releasing a smaller iPad just for the sake of filling screen size gaps.Apple is about user experience and filling needs in markets they feel they can do some good in. 
I hope one of those features are widgets for the iphone. I would like me some widgets. Some very nice looking widgets like the ones in SenseUI.
Perhaps I did. But that doesn't change the fact it's the most desired feature request of a new iPhone. Why are you guys fighting me on this. It seems to be the direction Apple is going in anyway. I should be used to this after all these years. Apple fans always make excuses for why Apple is lagging behind until the company catches up. Then it becomes totally obvious to all of you that they needed to catch up.
No you're disregarding the fact that it's an iphone. Between a 3.5 inch iphone and a 4.5 inch android I also chose the iphone because it's an iphone. Given a choice, a bigger iphone would be preferred. But we haven't gotten that choice yet.
I'm sure Apple will continue to sell the 4S for a couple years. It is a very nice phone, no doubt about that. Because like you, not everyone wants a bigger screen, but most people seem to want that, including myself. I've been an Apple fan for a long time. I love Apple products. But I have to give kudos where they are deserved and I think Samsung has hit the ball out f the park with their larger super AMOLED displays. Love to see it come to the iPhone, because overall...
Look at the date on all those sites you linked to. April-September 2011. I'm reading rumors from right now, January-February 2012http://mashable.com/2012/01/25/iphone-5-foxconn-rumor/ Third paragraph inhttp://news.cnet.com/8301-27076_3-57...d-this-summer/http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2399342,00.asphttp://www.wired.com/gadgetlab/2012/...hone-5-summer/ You may not LIKE it. But that's the future. That's what most people want from a new iphone. Here are the poll results...
What do you mean you've only ever seen 3.7"? All the rumors everywhere report 4 inches or bigger. Just run a search for iphone 5. It needs to be 4+ inches to compete in todays smart phone market. Once you get used to a bigger screen it's not an issue anymore. I have a couple friends with a galaxy nexus (4.5") and one with a galaxy sII(4.3"). They make the iphone look like old tech. Such beautiful screens on those devices. It had me seriosuly questioning whether to stick...
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