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No offense tonyallsopp but a good webdesigner should be able to design a cross browser compatible website. Even with the shortcoming of IE. If you do go flash, like others have said it would be recommended to still make an plain HTML version for those on slower connections or for those who hate flash sites.
What is the typical markup on ipods and how do you become and authorized reseller?
Internet Explorer is telling me that the file location for your gif is
IE doesn't support PNG files at all. So if it's a PNG file that is the problem right there. Of course if you prefer not to go flash (there are a lot of people that detest flash sites) you could just use a simple PHP script to include your image as a header. Or maybe just make the image itself out of flash and leave the rest of the page to be HTML.
Sorry I don't know. I do all my coding by hand. I'm sure there is a topic on it in the help files however.
Definitely an Internet Explorer problem as it looks fine for me under Firefox, Mozilla and Opera on Window XP. Your code kind of baffles me though. I can't find your gif image anywhere or the frame that delivers it. Is there any particular reason you are using frames for this design? Seems like you could easily do without.
There is no point in dropping CD support. It's an optical format which can be read my DVD drives and hopefully all blu-ray drives. It's not like floppy discs. If Apple dropped support for them that would just be retarded.
Yes it probably is best to buy a large capacity external USB model and swap that one with your internal drive. Remember though you want 2.5" and not 3.5" drives. Or if you don't have a problem not carrying all your data on your machine you could always use the external drive to store stuff you don't always need at your finger tips. Alot of small external 2.5" drives are very portable and can be powered directly off the USB cable itself, so there is no need to plug it...
So do you think the (Mac) Pro case design will be the same as the current aluminum powermac? It would make sense that it is considering everything else Apple has switched to x86 has kept the same design. But maybe there will be little tweaks? Or maybe the single processor version (Mac) will come anodized in black and white as well to show it is not the pro version. But it does seem like Apple will be sticking with a natural aluminum color for their pro machines.
Or you could buy a larger 2.5" internal hard drive. I believe they come in sizes up to 160gig now.
New Posts  All Forums: