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Apple should create a flash based version of OS X for windows users to play with online. To see how they like the way that the OS works. Obviously it wouldn't work near the actual depth of the OS, but it would give an idea of how the navigating is done. A way to play around with desktop a little bit. They could put it under the OSX or the Switch area's of the website. [ 02-09-2003: Message edited by: ApplePi ]

Looks excellent. I would definitely get one. It would win over alot of PC users as well. My friends don't like the look of quicksilver or any previous powermac. They think they look like toys. A machine like this would definitely go over well with them and others who prefer a more machine/systematic design. I must admit this is the best powermac design I've ever seen. If Apple passes a design like this up then there is something wrong with them. The trend in design lately...
For the price the Klipsch promedia 2.1 set is the best. I have a set and these things are incredible. Literally better then my stereo system. I would pay twice as much for them but I only paid $200 at the time. So you're getting a steal now. I wouldn't worry about them being outdated. We're talking about speakers here and not CPU's. If they sound incredible now they will sound incredible for a long time. Good speakers have a long shelf life
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