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Ok so my boss has approached me with what feels like an impossible task. He wants me to transfer a bunch of mp4's to our company iPad. Problem is the original computer the iPad was sync'd to is no longer available. It was taken apart. Second problem, my boss has been buying apps on the iPad itself and doesn't want anything on it removed or changed. I guess he has some game data or something on there he wants to save. Now he's talking about having our programming...
No. The 3g adit is is already down to $99. The iPhone is a smart phone.
Well on TWiT he was talking about this thing being a portable TV, so if it turns out that is the case, then I guess he is telling the truth here, otherwise... BS.
And with that we confirm it will at least be an e-reader based off some incarnation of the iPhone OS. Lets just hope it's a lot more then just a fancy e-reader.
I just signed a two year contract with AT&T ten days ago and got an iPhone 3GS. Brand new AT&T account. If Apple is indeed jumping ship and going to Verizon can I get out of my AT&T contract still and get an iPhone on Verizon? I also put down a $150 deposit with AT&T, would I be able to get that back from AT&T?
I never cared for push-to-talk. I was only commenting on the service and price. If I could have gotten an iPhone on Sprint I would have never switched.
Well all I know is that after being with Sprint for 4 years (and loved it) I just finally signed a 2 year contract with AT&T last week and got an iPhone. Last thing I want to hear on Wednesday is that Apple's Tablet will be available for only Verizon. For simplicity sake alone I can't see why Apple would put two different products on two different networks. Especially a network like Verizon which is CDMA and not the world standard GSM. At MOST the tablet might...
Why do you say that?
Now here is a rumor I can believe. Makes absolute sense they would want to do this. Paper is great, but wasteful. No reason we shouldn't be moving to digital books. There are way too many benefits just in the enhanced book concept alone. The only problem I can forsee is when it comes to textbooks. College textbooks are retarded expensive because those publishers know that the students have to buy the books their teachers request them to buy. So they have a locked in...
New Posts  All Forums: