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I've noticed over the last several years that pretty much every mac vs pc argument always finds the pc people using hardware cost as the defining difference. It's always "I can get a ----- with ----- and ---- and 4gigs of ram for ----- less then a crapple system." Why doesn't anyone seem to notice or debate the fact that OS X is a better OS? Also that there are all these great little applications you just can't find for windows/linux. How about that everything...
Just curious how many design firms are non mac based? I work for a web design / media company that employs about 60 people and we are PC based. My boss is cheap and thinks macs are a rip off. Although half of our creative department brings their own macbooks to work, most don't use them for work. Are there any numbers that can be given or benefits that can be shown to give the boss incentive to go mac? Or is he right, are macs really just a rip off for what we do? What...
That's a pompous thing to say. That's the reason PC and other phone users dislike Apple users. That stuck up attitude about Apple products being a statement of social status rather then just good devices. The iphone should be available to all people at all price points and all vendors. Get off your high horse.
That's a great idea Apple. Especially if the nano gets a camera. You'll need an easy way to navigate. I just hope we see this on the nanos coming out this year. After buying my forth gen I wasn't sure these things could get a whole lot better, but a built in camera and a gesture based track pad really opens up new possibilities.
So I'm thinking about upgrading my macbook myself. I'm curious if this is possible. I have an older core2duo with the intel 950 graphics and I'd like to upgrade to the 9400M graphics. But where can I get the new logic board?
This is not going to be as flimsy as a spiral notebook. Think about people holding clipboards. It's not awkward at all. It gets held on your hand resting on your forearm. Or you can put it on your thighs while crouched on the couch, or rest it flat on a table. Any number of situations. If they're smart they'll also put some clip spots on it so it can be hooked to arms that can be mounted places. I've considered the lack of tripod screw mounts on the bottom of laptops to...
Seems likely to me that Apple is building a tablet. I would think this is where the netbook market is heading. Apple will probably put a custom processor in this thing. Probably made by that company they acquired. Won't be as fast as a core2duo but also not as slow as an iphone chip. Probably a 10" touchscreen with a version of mac os X on it. Designed to compete with netbooks and the kindle. Whether it will support stylus input is something I'm curious about. I hope it...
Seems decent, but is the 9400M a good enough chip for a $1200 machine? I'm asking.
So does this mean the new white macbook can run the pro software with the same speed as the old Macbook pro's? Motion, FCP, shake, ect.
I've been waiting for Picasa to come to mac. This is a glorious day! I don't know what the heck you guys are spewing about iPhoto. It pales in comparison to Picasa. Picasa is so much more logically organized.
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