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First off Apple is a software company. Steve Jobs himself said it. Yes they sell hardware. So long as their hardware continues to have a level of desirability/reliability people will buy it, even if they can get the OS elsewhere. Your lack of faith in Apples hardware is showing. Second, why would they need to charge $600 for the OS? It's my understanding that the hardware vendors themselves are the ones that make the drivers for the hardware they produce, not the OS maker....
I hope Psystar wins this. I like Apple and all, but I'm "open" for alternatives.
I use firewire mostly for importing my DV or HDV footage from a camera. I was curious if any of you have tried any of these firewire to USB adapters and if they work well for this task in conjunction with the new macbook? Like this one: http://www.usbfirewire.com/Parts/rr-527950.html
Sadly. I can see Apple doing this, removing the firewire, because honestly this company makes some pretty dumb mistakes from time to time. The craziest thing is they do them for no good reason. You can go out there right now and buy a $800 PC laptop that comes with USB, firewire, HDMI, VGA, Expresscard, ect. So what's the issue keeping the firewire around? It's not like dropping firewire is suddenly going to make the price $200 cheaper. If this rumor is true, it's just...
Well the current rumor is that the Pro will have two full on Nvidia cards, which makes room for the macbook to have one full one.
Some rumors are saying they aren't updating the regular macbooks tomorrow. That's hard to believe. But what if the new macbooks don't go aluminum. What if what we saw was just a $1599 13" Pro? I don't really believe it because I think Apple is pushing for symmetry across the line. They want all their machines to have the same look and be environmentally friendly glass and aluminum. But an $899 glass/aluminum macbook... I'll believe it when I see it.
Does this mean the iPhone 3G might start working with T-Mobile? I'd love to get one but my credit sucks and I'd have to pay $200 to drop sprint. A $500 deposit to ATT and the $200 for the iPhone itself. That's $900. I'd love to get this thing on one of those new T-Mobile no contract plans.
I've had my shuffle for over a year now and I love it. I use it all the time. It's not great for audio books though since you can't see what track you are on. But it does remember the position for the track so that even if you skip forward to listen to music on it you can come back and continue listening to the audiobook or podcast from where you left off. The way I set it up is, I put all my podcasts / audio books at the top of the list and all my music after that. Then...
Really? Can you point me to other threads sharing the same concept? Thanks
Here is an idea. Just an idea. How about a small 10" netbook that doesn't really have any power itself. Instead you snap a touch or an iphone into it where the trackpad would typically go. You then use that as the notebooks multitouch mouse. Apple adds a function to the iphone/touch software called "desktop mode" where when snapped into this netbook device (or add on) the touch automatically switches to desktop mode and you begin using it as a low powered notebook. All...
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