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How would an app work that didn't support the remote?   Were people seriously considering a keyboard-based app?
Do I trust an app that unlocks my Mac... if it's not vetted by Apple and available on the App Store? In a word: No.
If this were about free speech, Sony would release it for free, or reduced cost. But it's not about free speech, it's about profits. Going to this movie means you are supporting Sony, the company that was too cheap and/or incompetent to have even a modicum of network security. Is that what you want to support?And, remember, Apple doesn't allow new app submissions this week because they try to give their employees time off. Sony's timeline would've meant lots of extra work...
Beautiful post. And yay for Tim for being out and proud. And yay for AppleInsider for publishing articles like this that highlight the problems GLBT people face around the world, and how Apple's leadership is personally taking an interest in making the world a better place.
Who says it's an intrusion into his life? Only closeted gays who think it's an intrusion into their (closeted) life. Sorry.
Gruber is often brilliant. But not always.  Things will return to normal next year with iOS 9 and OS X 10.11 (I can see Apple's ad campaign now: "We turned it up to 11.") It will be a painful year, but that's the price you pay for innovation. Hopefully Apple learns some lessons here. I agree the current situation is not ideal, but it's better than no innovation. What's that old saying? Fast, good, and cheap. Pick 2. In this case it's more like fast, good, and innovative. 
Yes, my iPad Air and iPad mini Retina do the first-tab thing, and the iPhone 6 and iPod touch remember the last position.
That was a hot mess from a marketing and logistics point of view. The iPad didn't get 4.0 or 4.1. It had to wait until 4.2. And of course people whined and bitched the whole time. And, sure, the  Watch will be 8.2 and the iPad Pro might be 8.3--when hardware products are released mid-cycle of an OS, there's little that can be done. But Apple will likely continue releasing a new version of iOS with its flagship iPhones. What people are failing to realize is that this OS...
I love when people say this. /sarcasmIt's not just software, it's the operating system. You can't ship new hardware on an old OS.
Open the Music app, tap the More tab, tap Edit, and drag whatever tab you want it to default to to the leftmost tab position, then tap Done.Now, the leftmost tab is what it defaults to whenever you open the app.Problem solved.
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