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Any iOS developer or UX designer worth her salt would have hundreds of apps. Someone who travels frequently on different airlines and using different hotels and car rental agencies would have quite a few, too
Does that iPhone 6 button suggest that the home button might be squared off a little? The pressable area doesn't seem completely round like the iPhone 5S part does. And what about the iPhone Air (5.5 inch?) part—that looks round but tiny. Are these to scale with each other?
15% of $75,000 = 7,500 3,750 = $11,250. OK, you can buy a fairly old used car for that. 0.5% of $75,000 = $375. That's some lunch! Perhaps you mean an iPod touch? Your examples aren't great.
I wonder if lesbians will feel the need to comment on the attractiveness of Julia White?
And Amazon went from 9% in 3Q2012 as reported earlier, to now less than 0.9% for 3Q2012 (i.e., they show up as Other, now)? That's a 10-fold drop.
Did I understand this correctly? The service isn't being discontinued, just the app. It will presumably be replaced by an updated iPhoto which is now also FREE. Where is the problem?
You don't need the sarcasm tag, because this is truer than you think.The 100-device rule came out when Apple had 2 devices: one iPhone and one iPod touch. So you could test 80 phones and 20 iPods, for example.Now Apple will have 3 current models of iPhone (5S, 5C, and 5), 2 models of iPod touch (with and without camera), 2 models of iPad, plus the iPad mini.So now you're down to testing only about a dozen of each model.If they do come out with an iWatch or TV, it's that...
The chart doesn't match the data on Gartner's site. Apple sold 28 million phones in the quarter last year, not 33. The chart makes it look like their sales went down.
Well it's more than just Airplay, since the protocol would have to be able to capture touches on the screen and communicate that back to the phone, and AirPlay doesn't do that on your TV. And it might integrate with the car manufacturer's in-dash system, so there might be a standard interface/protocol for that--for volume and muting, if nothing else. And I imagine that ugly Home button takes you out of iOS in the Car and displays the manufacturer's standard user interface.
New Posts  All Forums: