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Maybe it's more along the lines of Automator or Applescript, for end users or enterprises to create custom use apps. Doesn't Android have an Automator-like app that they're testing now?
As much as I'd hate to see ported Flash apps, this is a huge step forward. Love the transparency. Congrats, Apple! (Guess Android is making you a little nervous, eh?!) This news along with paying developers when they reach lowered financial threshold is a great thing. Competition is good.
I hope you're right. Good point. To me, the big disappointments are the rear camera and this token bit of RAM. I can see it for the 8GB model, but not the 32 or 64 models. I don't believe in the megapixel myth, and I doubt the crappy lens on a phone's camera would result in much of a difference between 3 and 5 megapixels. So we don't need a 5 mpx camera on the iPod. But 0.7 megapixels? C'mon. I wonder if cost or space was the driving force. Go ahead, Apple, and remove...
Dear AppleInsider: Thank you for a well-balanced article. The articles by Daniel what's-his-face are so biased, they are cringeworthy. This was a good article. Competition is good for consumers. I think Android will eventually have a greater percent of the market, but--just as with computers--Apple will rule the high-end (most profitable) part of the market. Fine by me.
More like life support and a coma. Dead? No. Vibrant? Hardly. Same price, no upgraded specs? It's as good as dead.
As someone else mentioned, rear camera is 960x720 for stills. Disappointing, but hardly deal-breaking.
Millions of people go to theaters with no x-rated films, but then buy them elsewhere and watch them on standardized devices universally compatible (DVDs).But you can't do that on an iPhone because there is only 1 store.Sure, you can go to the Android Marketplace, but then you have to throw away your investment in apps, movies, and books (and cannot resell them to make back your investment). And start a new 2-year phone contract in addition to finishing your existing one...
Which is why they should rate content, not filter it.The MPAA is not responsible for violence or sex in movies, it just rates them.Apple, with a monopoly store for its platform (iOS) should get out of the filtering business, or open it up to other stores.What if a theater chain only showed movies that it approved of *and* the only movies you could play on your DVD player had to be approved by them? I.e., your DVD player was locked to one movie chain. And you couldn't sell...
Does anyone here read other people's posts, or do you all just spout out repeated nonsense? As I already said, a web app is in no way comparable to a native app. As just one example, you cannot upload photos via a web app. That's not a relevant answer.
Did you even read what I wrote? Not one of those cell phones will play movies, books, or apps from my phone. And I am unable to sell my movies, books, or apps because of DRM and Apple's licensing and platform specificity. So saying "just buy a different phone" is completely disingenuous. It's simply not an option.
New Posts  All Forums: