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Feature parity doesn't mean parity-of-a-specific-feature. It means parity-of-all-features. English is a funny language that way. "My business can only use Macs if Word offers feature parity across both platforms." That's an example of the correct use of feature parity. Word looks different on the two platforms, but a Word doc can be manipulated the same way on both platforms. (I'm not saying it can, I'm just using it as an example)
I'm sorry but even the most basic dSLR on Auto would not blow out the clouds like that. A $200 point and shoot probably wouldn't, either, unless the subject were very dark.Yes, it's great for a phone, but a phone's tiny lens and tiny sensor simply can't compare to a dedicated camera. Reality check.
Feature parity?! I don't think so. Use your built-in dictionary. When iOS has automated memory management with garbage collection, then we'll be a little closer. Apple is moving iOS closer to OS X and that's a good thing. But it's not parity. {Edit} What's with AI lately? It's becoming more and more like MacDailyNews, which is fanboyism in the worst extreme.
Why does the image on page 2 say macgeneration.com in white lettering?
Thank you.
I'm guessing you're talking about theoretical, as opposed to shipping functionality.I mean, there's no way you'd want to run an iPad app (designed for a 9.5" touchscreen) on an iPhone 4's 3.5" touchscreen.The touch targets (and text and graphics) would appear miniscule. The app would be, for all practical purposes, unusable, and SJ would certainly never allow this travesty.
Best. Post. Ever.
*eek!* Porn! Does Steve Jobs have no balls, or what?
Seriously.The original author of the article has serious reading comprehension problems.
I'm looking forward to Saturday delivery of my iPad, thinking about what an iPad version of Facebook app might be like. And then it hit me--why bother? The 1024x768 size of the screen means the normal Facebook.com web site would work fine on an iPad. Why even bother with an app? I guess mobile Safari doesn't let you upload photos (does it??), so that's a benefit. But using the browser-based version of Facebook.com will let me get to lots of features that don't...
New Posts  All Forums: