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I'm guessing you're talking about theoretical, as opposed to shipping functionality.I mean, there's no way you'd want to run an iPad app (designed for a 9.5" touchscreen) on an iPhone 4's 3.5" touchscreen.The touch targets (and text and graphics) would appear miniscule. The app would be, for all practical purposes, unusable, and SJ would certainly never allow this travesty.
Best. Post. Ever.
*eek!* Porn! Does Steve Jobs have no balls, or what?
Seriously.The original author of the article has serious reading comprehension problems.
I'm looking forward to Saturday delivery of my iPad, thinking about what an iPad version of Facebook app might be like. And then it hit me--why bother? The 1024x768 size of the screen means the normal Facebook.com web site would work fine on an iPad. Why even bother with an app? I guess mobile Safari doesn't let you upload photos (does it??), so that's a benefit. But using the browser-based version of Facebook.com will let me get to lots of features that don't...
The real problem is that this is like the iPhone battery replacement: they will not unconditionally replace the unit for $99. If there is any damage of any kind (including a "discolored" connector, which to them suggests water damage), the unit is not considered "equivalent" to an unabused, used iPad, and thus Apple will refuse to replace it. You will have to buy a completely new unit. Even though, if the battery were user-replaceable, you could replace the battery...
I love how people are "excited" by the no-contract data plan for the iPad. But all it means is that they can jack up the price after a year, because you don't have a contract. Remember all of AT&T's hullabaloo over the summer about users using too much bandwidth and that they'd need to raise rates? Well, they can't raise rates on iPhone users because they have contracts. They can raise rates for iPad users because they have no contract. Wake up and smell the coffee.
Hey, I wasn't saying you take pictures of cats and sneakers. I was talking about Ars' reviewers and many (not all) of the forum posters (see also: dpreview.com, ). Hey, I'm an amateur photographer, but my snapshots don't look like the demo photos that Ars' reviewer for Aperture 1.0 and 2.0 used. The only interesting photos in his review were ones that were submitted by other people. That doesn't mean his opinion is worthless, just that it was very limited in scope. It...
I love it when people who take pictures of cats, running shoes, and street signs do evaluations of software for creative people.
I agree. Photoshop and Photoshop Elements have a very steep learning curve. Aperture is much easier to learn, not only because it's aimed specifically at photographers but also because Apple has made it so intuitive.
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