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Every feature you add to software adds to the complexity of the user interface. That balance is what Apple is so good at. It seems to me that layers and masks go beyond photography to image manipulation. Apple has been very clear what Aperture is: a tool for photographers, not a tool for designers or graphic artists. I think Apple would create a new product aimed at designers (and/or Photoshop users) before they'd add layers and masks to Aperture. But I could be wrong.
Do you have to do the CMYK conversion on every photo in the photo shoot, or just the ones they actually publish?
Masks and layers are the last thing on Earth I'd want for Aperture. Are you crazy? That's what makes Photoshop so hard to use. If you want them, use Photoshop. Please. Leave them out of Aperture. Aperture 3 is everything I always thought it could be. Much bigger upgrade than I was expecting.
A knowledgebase article says: Yay!
Anyone know if it's in stores yet?
Well I'm glad I didn't give up the faith. And those rumors of new Aperture "X" books in the Spring turned out to be true. This really is the major update I was hoping for. Couldn't be happier!
MacWorld doesn't seem to do much rumor-mongering, so it's surprising nothing happened there. Maybe an Aperture announcement was delayed? We can only hope.
Well, Chinese workers are finally seeing the light and rebelling like American workers did a century or so ago. Hopefully they'll fight for pay and health & environmental improvements, raising the cost of doing business (but also protecting people and the environment) and creating a more level playing field for global workers. And then businesses will move their factories to the next cheapest place they can exploit workers.
Here's a perfect example: "Therapist" Richard Cohen on Rachel Maddow's show:http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/1..._n_385057.html
Yeah, but the 90% of the population that truly isn't gay, doesn't really care about the gays. It's just the 5% of the population that are closeted homosexuals posing as conservatives who make all the ruckus about being gay. The other 5% are those gays who are perfectly happy with themselves. A toast to my brothers (and sisters)!Ha ha ha! Awesome response. Really, people, there is so much gayness out there, it isn't even funny.
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