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Maybe the packaging and/or the phone is bio plastic? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bioplastic
Trucks and SUVs haven't gone away. But they're not necessary for a lot of people. You can still buy them, but most people don't need to.   In the same way, PCs won't go away. But they won't be necessary for a lot of people. You'll still be able to buy them, but most people won't need to. Sales will (continue to) plummet.   Tablets are cheaper and/or more convenient for what most people do: email, web, social media, video, music, books, light office work.   An iPad isn't a...
  Perhaps the story should've read, "Apple's Store regulations prohibit any depiction of sex" (thus not limiting it to gay sex).   In that case, it is discrimination, since male genitalia are clearly evident (in the background, having sex) in the Twitter post linked to in the main story, and that issue wasn't banned. Either ban them both, or let them both through. You can't have one without the other. 
I don't think iOS fully supports hyphenation or ligatures, yet, does it? So it would be very surprising if Pages did. Remember, iOS is not OS X, it's a subset. My guess is Apple is trying to get feature parity of iWork on iOS and OS X, and only then can they use the same file formats and have seamless use of iCloud. Once that's done, *then* I think we'll see iWork '13, with new features. Hopefully, it'll be a doozy.
From the article:
Rather than posting misinformed guesses, why don't you just browse the developer docs? How it works is spelled out in black and white.   It's simple JSON text and a few images, with a code to tie it to a developer account (and a code to tie it to a specific user). It's also digitally signed. There may be a way to hack it, but it isn't easy.   All Passbook does is act as a dumb conduit. It displays whatever the 3rd party company (Starbucks, etc.) tells it to, as...
Actually, that's incorrect.   Passbook has the ability, through new guaranteed-delivery push notifications, to update your card in real-time (depending on Starbucks' servers).   Any and every field can be updated instantly.   Remember how they talked about updating your boarding gate in realtime at the airport? That's what this is about.   So you have nothing to worry about. Passes are very dynamic. 
Thank you, AppleInsider, for putting space between your screenshots!
Yes, thanks. It looks like they started putting a few pixels' space in the merged images in the maps article today.Yay!
Dear AppleInsider:   When you're posting screen shots, please put some white space between different screen shots so that it's clear that you're posting two portrait screen shots side by side as opposed to one landscape screen shot.   Sure, you could study the screen shots and eventually figure out that there are two sets of navigation bars on the bottom (meaning that it's two portrait screenshots side by side). But, really, you'd be doing your readers a favor if...
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