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You're taking video conferencing entirely too literally.   It's just a video stream. Any video stream. Ever hear of a tv commercial? It's a video stream. Pictures, graphics, voiceover. Selling you something.   A pre-recorded voice chat, if you will. Much like a pre-recorded telemarketer over the phone.
Wow, really?The only one?You need to have a wider perspective.Shaun UK makes some great points.
This isn't about jail breaking, is it? This is to convince corporations and people that--if you don't jailbreak your device--it will remain secure and virus free. All bets are off if you jailbreak.
Wasn't the rumor back in October last year that the new iPhone 5 design had to be scrapped at the last minute and that's why we had the iPhone 4S? Remember the cases that were actually produced for the new, thin but slightly wider form factor (basically fitting a 4" screen on a very slightly stretched iPhone 4 structure)? Remember the mockups? The wedge/teardrop shape? That's what it'll be. Why would they change it? They won't. Someone please relink those mockup images...
Yes, I agree.   This won't happen overnight. And if it never happens (the re-educating of American consumers about what 'value' really means), it won't be his fault, but the fault of people who expect "FREE" and "CHEAP" and "COUPONS" to be the answer to their prayers. What will be his fault is his expectation that he, alone, could change the consumer mindset.   I have to say, though, that their web site and iPhone/iPad "app" (if you can call it that) are complete crap.
Good, because your opinions have no bearing on what Apple chooses to do.   The multitude of different rumors from different sources certainly seems legitimate. It's not just one "analyst" with a bug up his butt.
I replied in the Loewe thread.Although Apple likes to talk about the software being most important, it really is oth the software and good use of hardware that solves problems.What're the biggest pain points in TV today? Hardware-wise, it's 3-fold:Multiple Remotes. One for the TV/input. One for audio. One for cable. One for BluRay/DVD. One for DVR. One for gaming machine. One for Apple TV. There are universal remotes, but they either suck or cost as much as an iPod...
For everyone saying there's no use case for a 7" iPad, this is how I envision the various use cases: iPod touch Small kids. Educational software. Entertainment. Like a pop-up book or Playskool toy. 7" iPad Elementary/grammar school kids to junior high kids. Music, video, iBooks, iTunes U (not college classes but rather organized classroom material instead of just educational games), a little bit of more serious apps (Pages, Bento). Also good for senior citizens or anyone...
A 7" iPad, driving only 1024x768 pixels, can use the iPad 2's processor (rather than the New iPad with its 4 graphics cores). So that lowers costs. And while its screen is twice the physical size of the iPod's 3.5" screen, it's only a relatively small number of pixels larger (1024x768 vs. 960x640), so I imagine it's overall cost is not dramatically higher than the iPod touch's. Other than that, an iPad and an iPod touch are identical software-wise, except the iPad uses...
What's wrong with a 10" iPad that's meant for consumption and production (i.e., a laptop replacement for many), and a 7" iPad that's aimed more at consumption (books, magazines, video, iTunes U, gaming)? So when's the 13" iPad coming? No one talks about a larger device. Could it be made light enough? Android keeps making their phones larger and larger, why not tablets? Or would that cut into laptop sales too much?
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