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So The China Daily was wrong? They misquoted?   Or Foxconn is just claiming this never happened?   So you can now say something, and a week later claim you never said it, and then it's supposed to not have been said.   How absurd.
No, an Apple TV set can't provide any more software than an Apple TV box.But a tv set can provide hardware integration. Namely, a flat panel, a tuner, an audio amplifier, a center speaker, and wireless speaker home base for left, right, and rear channels.
Loewe makes TVs, but also audio systems and speakers. They have all the technology that Apple could put in one total home entertainment device: Apple TV. Maybe with (optional?) external speakers. But wirelessly connected.
So Adobe & Microsoft software, not being sold through the Mac App Store, won't qualify for Level 1? Hmmmm.
The current 17" is 1920 by 1200. They're moving everything to Retina, right?   How much would a pixel-doubled 17" portable display cost? Prohibitive, I'd guess. It's almost the same resolution as a 4K TV!    Plus, as other people pointed out, the sales numbers of 17-inchers are just low, low, low.
I called this yesterday. http://forums.appleinsider.com/showp...7&postcount=17 Do I get a cookie?
Maybe they'll just call them MacBook Airs?
Turn off *app* syncing with the iPad and iTunes. It just downloads them from the cloud, anyway, so no need to sync anymore, is there?
Um, software? Isn't that what Apple is known for, software? Software that requires those new hardware specs. Such as iPhoto? Or a mail app that has spam filtering?
Sure, but you don't know how Apple processes it after you upload it. Maybe they strip out the duplicate copy. Or maybe they will in the future. What I was suggesting is what Apple might do in the future. I don't think it caches stuff now--it just downloads everything, as you say.
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