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Weird. You start off by saying that the reviewer is not untypical of people using the program. And then you give a number of reasons for that type of user not to need Aperture. Well, then isn't the logical conclusion that they shouldn't buy Aperture? It's like asking a secretary who writes nothing but memos all day to review InDesign. :-) If s/he doesn't need the features, why buy or review the program?
Interesting! I didn't know that. Hopefully the screams of protest in the forums (they ended up locking the thread) will give Ars a hint that they need to think this through better next time.
creativepro.com had the best, most balanced, and exhaustive review so far. ars technica's review was fine as far as it went; it just didn't go very far. Very disappointing considering ars' usual excellence.
Exactly. (Ohmigod, did I just say that?)
Yeah, just trying to imply that smaller screen means smaller, more portable notebook. Laptops seem to be limited by screen size nowadays. Even if iBooks are less than an inch smaller, if Apple can make them thinner and lighter than the competition, they'll have differentiated their product.You do that so well!
Maybe a new small PowerBook will be 13.3" like the purported new iBook, but will be thinner, lighter, have PCMCIA, and a higher screen resolution (more pixels per inch)?
You answered your own question: "because everybody else is doing it." That's not what Apple does.
Ouch! I won't even repeat it.
A touchscreen subnotebook/tablet/superPDA/superPod would be killer. Wireless USB, WiFi, Bluetooth, no modem, no optical drive, suuuuuuuuuuper thin, no keyboard. It could even act as a Mac mini / Mac DVR remote. OK, it's a fantasy. Maybe TWO models shown at MWSF: the mini/DVR/homeTheater thingy and the iBooks. PowerBooks announced but not shipping yet.
Ah, he's a switcher; cut 'im some slack.
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