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Oh, and the (non-)announcement that AppleWorks is officially dead. iWork will ship on all new consumer Macs.
--Macintel iBooks (99% probability) --Macintel PowerBooks (announcement, if not shipping) (70%) --Macintel Mac mini with movie downloads--DVR doesn't fit into Apple's model (80%) --No Macintel iMac or Macintel Power Mac (99%) --iWork 06 with Spreadsheet and very simple database (maybe requires Tiger) (99%) --iLife 06 with iPhoto grabbing some light features from Aperture, maybe requiring Tiger for some features (99%) --One more thing: Super thin/light/small super-iPod/PDA...
If you had a tool that would allow you to look inside employee's brains and it would only detect thoughts about actions that were competing with you, would you use it? Would you want it used on you? BTW, I am not in any way defending what that employee did (assuming the story is true). Just your method of finding out. Sometimes, technology is not the answer.
Are you sure something didn't go wrong? I just copied one of my iPhoto libraries to an external drive. Then copied it back to the original drive. Everything seems fine. I can even "Revert to Original" on an image I changed before copying it over. Was that a one-time thing, or is it reproducible for you? Also, what about selecting your library in iPhoto and clicking the Burn button. Does that not work?
Yeah, they probably will. All the video-based pro apps share the same underlying GUI framework. Aperture probably shares this, so similar features will probably be in the next versions of FCP, DVDSP, Motion, Compressor, Soundtrack, and LiveType. Similarly, new apps in iWork (spreadsheet? database?) should look very much like Pages and Keyword. Seems like Apple has at least 3 levels of app GUIs: iLife iWork Pro apps
My use of "as in" before each section of text that was between quote marks meant that I was not quoting you, but rather defining what "should/shouldn't" meant in each context. For example: -- read, as in "I read the book yesterday" -- read, as in "I read the book every day" Those two examples are not quoting anybody; they're defining the word "read" in each case (pronounced "red" and "reed", respectively). That's what I was doing for "should/shouldn't"--I was defining the...
In terms of cost & time-to-market, I think the spreadsheet in iWorks 06 will be relatively sophisticated, while the database (if any) would be relatively simple. Take some of the spreadsheet/reporting tools, slap them on a Core Data foundation, and voila! Very simple, very easy. [Edit] It also conveniently coerces users to upgrade to Tiger to get all the functionality. Apple is good at doing that. [/Edit] They have to give us something to look forward to in iWorks 07. ...
You'll be able to roll it up and stuff it in your back pocket. But then someone will scratch the screen and sue Apple.
RIght, so using Spotlight is not the same thing as using the Finder. Spotlight ends up using the "native" application to open the files. [Edit] Yes, the Finder opens files in their "native" applications, but only at the most basic level. For example, browsing for a JPEG file in the Finder, if you double-click the file it will open in Preview. If you double-click the same file in Spotlight, it opens in iPhoto. Actually, it would be nice if Spotlight provided more...
Now that's the best reason I've heard so far for not buying Aperture. I know how that goes.
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