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What is an iBook? It's just a text file with a bunch of videos, pictures, audio, and code. What does that sound like? A web page. So how do web pages handle this (or even iApps)? They download the text first, then the images, then download the video and audio only as users access it. iBooks could use the same model. It could be a little smarter--say, download the video for the current chapter into a cache, and purge the cache 30 days after it's last accessed. Think outside...
... except they're doing exactly that for the last 2 generations of the iPhone. So how can you say that?
Yes, but what do those people think of those Kindles after they've owned them for 6 months and compared them to their friends'/coworkers' iPads? Sure, Fires are great for video watching and book reading--nice and compact--but you can't do productivity apps well because the screen is too small. Or, at least, you can't use it almost as your main machine the way you can with an iPad. If Fire owners want to do much more than consume media on their Fires (and I'm guessing the...
This faster processor, much faster graphics processor, and high-res screen will enable apps like iMovie (and iPhoto!) to really shine on a tablet. Imagine the software possibilities! Hardware is just an enabler for great software. And text in Pages will look like print. The fonts will be gorgeous. Keynote presentations will be just incredible. iBooks will look like you're reading a real book, the resolution will be so high.
Except that iPads will replace PC's, not complement them. So MS's cash cow will now be but a trickle if they compete price wise with iWork. And I'm not ill, thanks.55 million people are doing just fine without Office on their iPads. People are discovering it really isn't necessary:...the slow, growing sense of the irrelevance of Microsoft...
It's called an iPhone, zunx.Develop your presentation on your iPad or MacBook Pro. Sync it to iCloud. You're iPhone's in your pocket; take it out. Open Keynote on your phone. VoilÃ*. Give your presentation right from your phone. Keynote even gives you a laser pointer. I've done it; it's amazing.
Um, Pages, Numbers, and Keynote have the exact same features on the iPhone as the iPad. There's no reason for Office to be iPad only. Pricing will be very interesting. Apple wins no matter what. Even if MS prices it the same as iWork ($9.99/app), Apple gets a 30% cut (or perhaps MS can negotiate that lower). But MS is used to making $150 or more for the suite.
That's brilliant!
No, it's so they can reduce headcount. In a few years, the food will be prepared by iChefs and delivered by iServers, and the "restaurants" will be completely unmanned. Like eating in a factory.
It's just like the iPhone and iPad Retina displays. HD tv scales up pixel perfect to 4k resolution, doesn't it? Sharp just announced a 4k tv at CES. Isn't Sharp rumored to be Apple's display partner? Nothing wacky here. It all fits together.
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