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I think you're being just a tad bit ridiculous. Does FCP run best on dual 30" monitors and a quad PowerMac? Does Motion? Will Aperture? Yes, yes, and yes. Of course. Will FCP, Motion, and Aperture run less than perfect on lesser Macs. Of course. Does it matter to some people? Yes. Does it matter to others? No. Heck, a few posts above this, MacCrazy said that Motion ran "fine" (for him) on his PowerBook. Will some people find that Aperture runs "good enough" on their...
But isn't this exactly who Apple is targeting? Professionals who don't want to bother with PC incompatibilities and drivers and the complexity of a Photoshop-based raw workflow? Tell 'em to buy the low-end dual core Mac for $1999 and a Dell 24-inch monitor for under a grand on sale. Easy, and not too expensive for a professional. There's no worry about converting raw images before use. And Aperture will let them use a loupe and a light table, and group photos into...
I like the way you think! That would be awesome.
Oh, good point. Certain things might be faster on a smaller monitor with fewer pixels, but probably not as much a difference as I hoped. Good thing I have a dual processor G5. Just need a better video card than the crappy GeForce FX 5200 I have now. Any suggestions for the $250-$300 range? I haven't really kept up with video card technology since I'm not a gamer.
But think about it. By its very design, it should scale well. On the one hand everyone is complaining that they don't have quad G5s with dual 30" monitors. Well, dual 30" monitors is a *lot* of pixels to push around. You need a quad G5 for that. If you have a more modest monitor setup, then the hardware requirements would scale down proportionally, so you can get by with less.
I won't speak to Apple's future plans, since I don't know them. I'll only talk about the present. Aperture is to Photoshop as InDesign is to Word. Photoshop is powerful and complex and can be used for just about anything, from photography to CMYK production to de novo image creation to photo illustration. Word is powerful and complex and is used for everything from memos to newsletters to Ph.D. theses to mailmerge. But neither Photoshop nor Word excel at any one...
Photo Pro? Adobe has been awfully coy about when/if a Mac version of Photoshop Elements 4.0 will come out. Maybe they're waiting for Apple to announce a software product that PS Elements 4.0 will work with????
Yeah, I don't think there'll be a G5 PowerBook, either. Not with Intels around the corner. If they do announce a G5 PowerBook, it might mean Intel PowerBooks (as opposed to Intel Minis or iBooks) are 1 or 2 years away.
Yes, the videopod/minitablet that was rumored for WWDC. Wow, I sure hope you're right! That would be just what everyone-doesn't-think-they-need-but-Steve-will-convince-them-that-they-do. Just like the original iPod. ;-)
Ha ha, you make me laugh, Ensign Pulver! Glad I can contribute. What I posted is definitely not insider information, since I don't live anywhere near California and don't deal with Apple distributors, marketers, etc. It's more what I'm hoping for, rather than what I'm expecting. The media server/media player integration just sorta occurred to me after digesting a bunch of sources: * AI and various other rumor sites (although there hasn't been much lately!) * A number of...
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