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Rendering is only part of FCP and DVD SP. Most of your time, though, is spent in the Preview window. What happens in the Preview window in FCP or DVD SP when you run with slower hardware? [edit] I'll answer my own question because I'm about to check-out of this conversation. What happens is that the programs automatically scale down the resolution of the preview to 1/2x or 1/4x so that your hardware can catch up. You still see a preview but, at 1/2x or 1/4x the resolution,...
So you're saying that opening and closing dialogs is somehow easier in OS X than in Windows, and that's an advantage to using Adobe products on OS X? Are you serious?That's exactly what you said the last time. I still don't see how the first two sentences logically result in the third sentence.
And that reviewer was absolutely right. That's what I'm saying, too. I'm not exactly sure what you're saying, other than Aperture will run slower on slower hardware. No one's disputing that.
Sorry, I don't understand that paragraph at all. 1. What Photoshop features work differently on OS X compared to Windows? 2. How does Bridge & Version Cue having markedly lower usefulness when only one of the programs in the CS2 suite have anything to do with whether those applications work differently on different operating systems?
And I'm just pointing out: How is this any different from FCP or DVDSP or Motion? Has that hampered those applications' ability to garner best-of-breed status in reviews, and industry acceptance?
I think we're all gonna drive ourselves stir crazy waiting for Apple to release Aperture!
You're not seeing the big picture. With Adobe making the Windows and Mac versions of PS identical, that causes a commoditization of the operating system. There's no reason to buy a Mac if PS runs exactly the same on Windows as it does on OS X. By coming out with all this cutting edge pro software--only on the Mac--Apple is saying, "Look. We make the very best software that will make your job the easiest. The only way to get our software is to use a Mac." If you want the...
I don't understand. On the one hand hand you're derisive of anyone who isn't a super-high-dollar pro, but on the other hand you seem to be a cheerleader for the little guy, who only makes 40 grand a year. The guy (or gal) who makes 40 grand a year as a photographer simply cannot expect his or her computer to run any pro app the way a six-figure-income pro will. That's life.No. It's no different from all the "realtime" brouhaha in Final Cut Pro. Sure, on a super high end...
Yeah, Aperture is a really comprehensive way of dealing with photographs, isn't it? I can't wait 'til it's released.
It would be round trip: Tweak your raw file in Aperture, and if you need to make pixel-level adjustments, then open it in Photoshop and do your thing. When you're done, it gets reimported to Aperture. At this point it's not clear if it would considered the same image or a new image. In any case your Photoshopped image could now be "louped", stacked, "light-tabled", printed, exported to books, etc. All the stuff that Aperture is good at. Photoshop becomes just an editor....
New Posts  All Forums: