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What a sweetheart you are. So when the First World's middle class completely collapses because there are no good jobs left, who, exactly, is going to be buying these products that these millions of Foxconn employees are making? I'll suggest to The Oxford English Dictionary that they put your post in the dictionary as the entry for "short sighted".
Apple to Sprint: "Why, sure, we'll let you sell the iPhone. But we got you by the balls. So we'll make sure you promote the iPhone above all competitor phones (Android, WinPhone, whatever) by forcing you to buy so many phones you'll practically be forced to encourage customers to buy an iPhone over a competitor." Remind you of anything, oh, 15 years ago? How about this: Microsoft to Dell: "Sure you can sell Windows, but you have to install it on every pc that goes...
Really? Then what will count towards the 5 GB free? I thought files from iCloud apps specifically were what counts toward the limit.
From the article:Ok, English 101. Let's take out the parenthetical statement, and see the simpler meaning of the sentence:Adobe's announcing a new phone?! Not.If you meant the final phrase "...where the company is expected..." to modify the parenthetical phrase about Apple, you should've used "Apple" instead of "the company" in order to be clear. Although, even then, it would sound like Apple is releasing a new phone at Adobe's event. This really needed to be 2 independent...
Exactly. Google is desperate and would pay anything. And this is all part of his job description. That's why he gets paid 10x or 100x more than you and me. I mean if an engineer improves a process and saves a company $1 million/year, does he get anything other than a certificate of appreciation in his cubicle? It's part of his job description is the excuse they always give.
What on earth did that man do to deserve $66 million? Please, tell me.
http://www.boston.com/bostonglobe/features/ The main image in the center of the page highlighting boston.com's new web site shows Safari on a Mac, on an iPad, and on a... WTF?! iPhone 5? Mockup? What?
And no more unlimited data plans. So monthly charges will just get higher and higher.
Alas, some men do, too.
This isn't the first time this has happened at Apple Insider. I guess Samsung doesn't have casual day at work. Instead, they produce chips while in top hat and tails.
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