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What on earth did that man do to deserve $66 million? Please, tell me.
http://www.boston.com/bostonglobe/features/ The main image in the center of the page highlighting boston.com's new web site shows Safari on a Mac, on an iPad, and on a... WTF?! iPhone 5? Mockup? What?
And no more unlimited data plans. So monthly charges will just get higher and higher.
Alas, some men do, too.
This isn't the first time this has happened at Apple Insider. I guess Samsung doesn't have casual day at work. Instead, they produce chips while in top hat and tails.
All you did was repeat the crap in the article. Verizon lost twice as many Android sales as AT&T gained. That's all this means. If, for example, Verizon sold 100,000 fewer phones, it means AT&T sold 50,000 more. You can't say the 100,000 loss is "huge" and the 50,000 gain is minor. They're just not that different, when one is 10 percentage points and one is 5 percentage points. You registered just to "correct" posts about the article? Are you DED's shill or alter ego?
Formerly. Formerly. Not formally.
It almost doesn't matter how flawed the original study is, because Daniel skews it so much it's laughable. He claims that Verizon share going down 10% is "huge", but AT&T growing 5% is "just" a small increase. C'mon, dude, the difference between 5% and 10% just isn't as great as you portray.
If you want to make it sound dramatic, you can honestly say it's a "rare price cut" or "almost unheard of price reduction" or even "once in a lifetime" (i.e., once in a product iteration's lifetime ). You can dramatize the rarity of the cut, because it is rare. You just can't dramatize the amount of the cut, because it isn't dramatic.
Exactly.In no universe is a 10% discount a "great" reduction. Even if it's never on sale anywhere. You can say they "cut" the price or "reduced" the price or whatever. Just not "slash". Preposterous. Oh, the poor English language.
New Posts  All Forums: