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Is the point that they're blocking it only on the iPad, or is the point that they're blocking any devices?
I noticed that, too. They have the pricing right.
A newspaper isn't a content owner? And it's odd how few people complained when the US TV networks blocked GoogleTV from displaying their content, but god forbid a newspaper should do it to iPad users.
Did you read the article? Do you think technology never makes any progress?
I agree. The new interface is not only drab (much like AppleInsider's forums), but also impossible to read the currently selected tab. It is bass ackwards.
How many apps depend on the absolute distance not changing as opposed to the relative distance not changing? I've never seen a ruler app. As long as Apple doesn't change the ratio of pixels (480:320) and doesn't change the physical screen shape ratio (2.5:4" or whatever the 3.5" diagonal screen currently is, height and width wise), developers are fine. The problem with Android is that the screen shape changes on different devices. That's the problem.
As you enter the employee entrance, you must pass through our new security machine, the Gaydar 2000.
*Phew!*Wait, in this case a secretive company is not being secretive about its employees, and that's a good thing. Apple isn't "exposing" its employees in any way; I'm sure this was 100% voluntary.
Yes! But...WTF?!?! Now the video has been removed and replaced with this statement:"This video has been removed as a violation of YouTube's policy on the depiction of harmful activities." What's up with that, Google?
Aww, so cute.---I wonder if the video was edited in Final Cut Pro X? :-)
New Posts  All Forums: