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You guys really believe this? I think they just didn't want you to jump ship.
An event scheduler. I don't have wifi at work so I'd like to turn off wifi automatically during the daytime and have it turn back on in the evening.
If this is your main concern, it's easily solvable with today's iPhone. iTunes stores a complete backup of your iPhone and you can safely delete all of your information on the phone before sending it somewhere and then just resync it when it returns.
Try setting your iphone to check email every 5 minutes and compare the battery life to manual email check. It's a huge difference. I'm guessing this is what they are referring to as a longer battery life does lead to an improved user experience. Server outages are temporary annoyances. Short battery life is a permanent annoyance. We will have to wait and see how the battery is affected by push email on the iPhone.
Have you heard of Google?
How much does this SE phone with only 160MB of memory cost? I see it supports M2 memory sticks which I believe currently max out at 8GB. The camera and 3G chips are small cost items. The memory and touchscreen are the big cost items in the iPhone. Also, keep in mind this is still the 1st generation of the iPhone. Lastly, do you know anything about research and overhead costs? Profit != cost of materials. [Rant] Phone companies fool stupid people into thinking...
I think as sales numbers increase they will be able to afford more customization and integration when it comes to the circuitry. This will free up space for more goodies. The more part #'s they can share between the iPhone and Touch, the better.
I have some theories about why these were not included. Bluetooth: It sucks. I've personally had more headaches with Bluetooth than just about any other technology and I am a techno nut. The only thing it is good for is pairing (moderately) securely with a headset and that's the feature they have added to the iPhone. Wifi is superior for every other application. Apple tends to be the first to leave out technologies they think are poor or outdated. As wifi chips shrink...
You obviously have a problem because it should not be as slow as you describe. I would try using it on another open wifi access point just to see if the issue is with your router then go from there. Is it faster or slower when using edge?
headphone jack adapter: $7.99http://www.newertech.com/products/iph12.phpIt's not ideal but it works and it's a lot less than 1000.00+ dollars.Maybe this will teach you to do some research next time you want to make an expensive purchase. Think of it as a learning experience.
New Posts  All Forums: