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Agree. The TV market doesn't need fixing like the cell phone market does (or did). My Sony TV looks great and does the job well and looks good doing it. If I want a better interface, there's always the AppleTV. Besides, if they came out with a TV, what would they call it? AppleTV is already taken. It would get confusing.
You guys are going to hate me for saying this but there's a lot of irrationality and not enough realists in this thread. Ireland is right. If such a device comes about it will have one screen, not two. Whether Apple is interested in creating such a device is debatable. Along those lines, here are a few things to chew on. 1. Steve Jobs in the past has said they aren't interested in making a tablet because there is no market for it. He has gone against his own word...
Have you been on digg lately? It's Apple venom city there recently. I'd say the haters are growing, not declining.
The iPhone has Wifi which is a much more superior way to transfer files. It's faster and has a longer range. With Wifi transmitters getting so small these days (Wifi mini SD cards now exist) I wonder why we even need Bluetooth anymore. I'm not commenting about whether Apple has made sending files via Wifi possible or not, I'm just talking about the technology.
Just get one of those christmas tree deodorants to hang from your mirror and turn on recirculation and you'll be fine.
I have to say that even if there was a live video feed, the website would probably wither and die and finally explode within a couple of minutes into the keynote. Even many text-based coverages can't keep up with the traffic. I've even seen Engadget page loading slow a bit during past keynotes although they have improved the last year or so. In my opinion, the only way to make this work assuming Apple gives its blessing (which is unlikely to ever happen) is to offer it...
Why are people so exited about this? It's a usability nightmare. If it's not hand-held, a mouse is the most ergonomic control solution. Even Microsoft's touch table requires one to crane their neck and is only designed for short periods of usage. Touch screens are great for phones and kiosks and other devices that are used for short periods of time but not so good for long term usage personal computers.
Very good point.
I don't think so because there are too many potential issues with the finish. Plastic is easy to color since the color is integrated into the material.
That's not real. They wouldn't add 3G to the iPhone before bumping up the memory. The 2 will either take place simultaneously or 3G will be added after a memory bump.
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