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There's no way that Apple is going to increase the iPhone's size to accommodate the current size of microprojectors. The MBP200 that was just released offers a resolution of only 480×320 pixels and is as big as a cellphone itself at a cost of $700. Yeah, Apple's just going to throw that in as an added feature. MAYBE in a few years.
Look at the big brain on Steven. Sweet.
I think the point is that sinking a ton of development cost into Soundtrack Pro for a suite that most people buy for the editor is money that many would rather see spent elsewhere. No one buys FC Studio for STP. I've never run into a Soundtrack Pro freelancer, nor do any facilities I know of (and that's a modest sampling) have STP suites. Mandating the use of Pro Tools, for us, means that our options for changes or remastering are open years down the line, even if we're...
Wow, that is an awful looking upgrade package. Final Cut Pro 7 better be amazing. Motion is useless, the most talented animators know AE inside and out, AE has massive plug-in support and 3D programs make a point of offering excellent integration. Most of Motion's effects should be rolled into FC and just get rid of it. FC doesn't even understand how to back-up or consolidate the media from an embedded Motion timeline, so your media managed projects simply show...
Ron Brinkmann, one of the original developers of Shake:"I really can’t say much about where Apple may or may not be going with future products. Although the fact that I decided it was time to move on might be a reasonable clue as to my confidence level that any alleged ‘next generation’ tool will be focused on the market (high end vfx and animation) that I’m interested in… And why I’m now working with The Foundry on Nuke…" (Feb 2008)I'm starting to think that Phenomenon is...
Why would Apple change the appearance? Apple has a history of introducing a new product and then coasting for several years. Seriously, when was the last time anyone was genuinely surprised by a major Apple product update? I read "long overdue" and "its about time" almost every time Apple updates a product. I'll bet the look of the iPhone doesn't change for another 3 years, Jobs likes it, Apple likes it, they're making plenty of money off of it. Remember, Apple...
Gotta wonder when developers are going to start charging for upgrades. Perfectly reasonable, but you've got to wonder about people with 50 paid apps that will have to start paying developers to keep their software up-to-date with Apple's software and hardware changes (especially if Apple's changes don't fall in line with a developer's product cycle). It has to happen sooner or later.
If the airlines were smart this would be on airplanes and they partner with either Apple or Amazon. Why run around looking for an Apple kiosk when you know there's everything you need on the airplane itself? Movies, music, e-books, and games. Amazing that airlines have the most captive audiences available to them every day, and they haven't figured out how to take advantage of that beyond showing TV reruns and a hoping passengers pick up "Skymall" catalogs.
Yeah, I completely agree. If you don't think the Kindle is for you, its not.
Highlighting, clipping, and note taking desperately needs a stylus (why type in notes when you can scribble them far faster? It's the perfect size to be a digital notepad as well). The fact that those features seem at least a year off is terribly disappointing (and if it bugs me, I can't imagine how a student might feel). There's a niche market for full-sized e-readers, and I hope Amazon finds it profitable.
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