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they use this in their retail stores.
why do analysts insist on using these awful graphs?
not to mention the $14b they bought back at $500/share is now worth $15b at $544/share. Tim Cook is making Apple more profit just by breathing.
too bad he got caught. iCopper would be worth quite a bit on ebay.
are we sure it's really him and not Luke Giulia? Samsung does have a funny way of copying innovating.
launched like google glass, or launched like the nexus 7? cuz these are very different things.
i try to think of all the crazy things Apple should do with it, but they are so big now, nothing makes sense. I'd love it if they bought a wireless carrier or isp, but they are so regionalized it wouldn't be possible to reach the whole world.   i guess they could always buy Ford.
 i have one in excellent working condition. not excellent physical condition...
They are a publicly traded company. They are legally required to speak to investors each quarter. They can avoid this by going private, but I don't see that being possible in the short term. At minimum, they would have to buyback ALL 900 million shares at a price of about $440 billion (currently) plus hefty acquisition fees. They have cash, but not that kind of cash.
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