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LOL - Every time I see a nextcube setup the display seems to grow smaller and the box larger!
seems to me that "four thirds" may refer both to the aspect ratio and size of the sensor.it should be noted that 4/3" is the nominal 'vacuum tube equivalent' size of the sensor, not the actual diagonal measurement.the actual diagonal of the sensor (d) is found from the nominal tube size (n) by the forumla:d [mm] = 16 [mm/inch]*n [inch].(where the factor 16 mm/inch has some archaic origin)this works out to approx 21.3mm for 4-3rds, which is pretty close to the specified...
I see - you are concerned the ATA bus will limit the performance of the SDD? unless your current magnetic HDD is very fast (and loud!) , the speed of the ATA/100 wont be much of a bottle neck. (I get ~75MBps read from my HDD through the 'optical' bus.) then you could put whatever SSD you're getting on the SATA-bus, and let the HDD reside in the optical bay. it is actually possible to split the SATA channel, but there are typically severe compatibility issues and you'll...
http://www.newmodeus.com/shop/index....dex&cPath=2_27 there are also other suppliers.
actually, both card support 4.1 with the latest drivers. ..if you're running windows, that is! on mac os x you're stuck with 3.1...
perhaps, but the dual quads also offer significantly more total memory bandwidth, if you fill the memory slots properly. (2*25.6 GBps vs 1*32 GBps)
"The Boy Who Cried Troll"
o, how i wish the title of this thread could be "New Apple mini rumor: Larger form factor running Mac OS X"...
well duh! "most zune haters dont even own a zune..."why would you buy something you think is crap?!
agreed. if the size was increased to something like the cube (sorry!), the 'mini++' could be reasonable silent even when used for something a little more demanding than facebook.com or mail.app. (both of which can be quite demanding, mind you...)
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