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To email from an app, most apps support the CMD+SHIFT+I command. However, it is the app developers choice to implement this...
Hello all! Anyone with a Unibody MacBook Pro Late 2008, is your left speaker quieter than the right? Kinda distracting. I have the speaker balance set dead in the middle, and the same can be heard in Boot Camp too... You can feel more vibration in the chassis on the right hand side of the unit too, hardly feel anything out the left hand side.... Anyone else with this phenomenon?
Building it into the current small loading icon at the right of the address bar would do, or into the status bar at the bottom
nah, freezing happens on the Mac side too, particularly when running GPU intensive CUDA programs
hhhmmm.... I have had the black screen problem when just on the Windows 7 desktop... looks like I have a defective unit
Hello all, I was wondering what kind of temperatures people get when they enable the 9600 card in their macbook pros. I have had a few freezing issues when the graphics card runs hot with CUDA and games. To measure your temperature, use iStat Pro or something similar. You can enable the 9600 hundred by going to System Preferences -> Energy Saver -> Higher performance. I get average CPU temperatures of about 60 degC, and GPU temperatures around the same. Is...
Any QoS features or anything like that?
Has the inline address bar progress indicator stopped working for anyone else? I get a little spinny indicator on the right, but the blue progress bar doesn't show at all...
hah, I thought as much. I was kind of secretly hoping there no way to haggle, otherwise I would be seething over my earlier purchase of a Mac at the RRP I will try my best when I get to an Apple store at the end of this month, and report back on my experience CheersJan
So it's not worth even trying to haggle?CheersJan
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