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Wow, such massive news. Really, a naff pizza chain and a sugar-purveyor accept a new means of payment, and it's worth an article?
He's right, but mainly because the PC OEMs are simply really really bad at PC/Notebook/Tablet design. Microsoft at least appears to have a clue with the Surface Pro and Surface Book. And let's remember that this upturn in their skills came since Ballmer left the company. I still wouldn't trust Microsoft to simply turn around one day and kill the products and support for them. Zune, Kin, Plays For Sure, ...
This strikes me as Intel Apple fetishism, that pops up often in analyst circles but never pans out. Massive leaps in logic occur based upon a idea - the idea being that Apple will use Intel's LTE modem instead of Qualcomm. And the only reason they would do that, in my mind, would be to integrate into a future SoC at the silicon level (remember they can still do System-on-Chip integration if they really cared even with Qualcomm). That may occur, should the modem pass...
I've personally found the 21.5" screen size to just be a little on the small side in this day and age. However a 4K display would make it more compelling. I still think there's a missing product at 24" but maybe it's just not worthwhile with the 27" available.
 It might be applied as a liquid that sets?
 Some people can't be trusted to to to the toilet! And I know people that have done this. Women, not just men with phone/backpocket issues! And yes, this looks like "anti-toilet / drink spillage" technology. Dunno why Apple don't just do the hydrophobic nanocoating that other phones do though. Must affect display quality or wear off or something.
Carrot Fantasy? Also amazing that developers of all people downloaded their dev tools from any old supplier online of the software, instead of the official source, even though the software is free. Infecting the dev tools has long been known as a good route for infecting applications built by the dev tools. It's one of the standard examples given in a decent security course at university.
Yes, LLVM is going to be a core aspect of the App Store's recompilation mechanism. Apple's bitcode is probably very close to an existing IL/IF.   Swift as a systems language is going to be interesting to see in practice, although I think mass use of it will be years down the line.
 OTOH the iPad Pro has a massively superior touch display than the MacBook Air. But the Air: proper SSD storage, lots of I/O, keyboard, touchpad. I do think that iPads are overpriced for what they offer, a side effect of miniaturisation and Apple's margins. An ARM MacBook Air would likely also incorporate the better display (but maybe not touch) however, and possibly try to be slimmer and lighter, so it would be more expensive. But that's not down to the cost of the "A10X"...
 Barely impressive? Sheesh. A9: ~2W - 4W max - $50 max SoC cost7-year old desktop: 95W + 50W GPU4-year-old macbook: 25W2-year-old macbook: 15W - $200+ cost Guess what? That A9 is running at 1.8GHz dual core, 450MHz GPU for a reason - to keep it under 2W in normal use. It is competitive apparently with a low-end Core M (4.5W in marketing, measured use is higher, turbo speed is 2.6GHz which is what benchmarks will run at until throttling kicks in). The A9X in a tablet can...
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