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This brings back the memories of how my old Powermac G5 liked to go crazy, ramping the fans up to a full speed howl for no reason and not letting up until the system was restarted. As I recall, I wasn't the only person this happened to.
Heating water directly by having a windmill directly drive paddles immersed in a tank of water is actually an old idea and fairly well-known in the wind energy field. It's not as inefficient as the naysayers think.
  And yet, inexplicably, a whole lot of suckers... uh, backers funded the silly thing to the tune of $139k. Go figure.
Apple should be moving away from rotating fans anyway. Ancient technology. I like GE's dual piezo cooling jet. Less noise, smaller size, higher reliability, lower power consumption.
Unfortunately, it's not the first time one of Steve's strongest beliefs (or at least public statement, if not personal belief) turned out to be wrong. See the one-button mouse. Fortunately, in the past decade, him being wrong has been mercifully rare.
What about Macs? Was "replacing a Mac" one of the options in the poll? I wonder if anybody is doing that. Wouldn't make sense to me, but I suppose some people really don't need a real computer, like elderly technophobes and anybody else who really doesn't do much online.
  The Dyson fan does actually have blades. They're just hidden inside the base and the air blown out through a groove in the circular ring, which entrains air in the center of the ring.   I don't think ionic "fans" are as efficient at moving air per watt as regular fans. I wish Apple would look into piezoelectric fans. They've existed for about four decades and have been known as more efficient than standard electromagnetic fans.
Not positively enough. I'm still down about $80 per share from when I bought only a few weeks ago.
On the one hand, there's the problem that this would eliminate Bootcamp and virtualization options. That's not a small loss for many users. On the other hand, this would also eliminate the possibility of Hackintoshes, but those don't take a big bite out of Apple's sales anyway.
  Go ahead and keep defending them. I'll be back to see you eat your words in a few weeks, but somehow, I suspect you won't admit to being wrong.
New Posts  All Forums: