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  Better than "bad" doesn't make it "good" and that's inexcusable for a company that claims it always strives for the best. And there are earbuds and canalphones that have far better sound quality at around $13 retail. For instance, the JVC Air Cushion series or the MEElectronics M9. Surely if Apple sourced them in bulk, they could get them for $5 or maybe even less. Even Koss' The Plug sounds better, and you can get those for as little as $8. It's not like they don't...
And about 400 million users detest them.
Still no GPS. So much for that rumor.
I vote for a "Cheers"-style Genius Bar, an island right in the middle of the store with 360 degree access. Norm!
I'm afraid I have to side with the naysayers. The new design is terrible from a usability standpoint. I won't say that I loved the old design. It wasn't "from the 90s" as someone claimed, but certainly not a great layout. Still, all it needed was to be tweaked. Change the fonts, increase padding around text, just minor changes like that. Otherwise, it was easy to navigate. But as usual nowadays, it seems that when somebody decides to change a site layout, they throw out...
  Yeah, real shame Apple abandoned QTVR. I wouldn't mind some higher resolution non-Flash (on OS X) street panoramas, especially if they're done with a single shot at a time so they don't have the stitching problems Streetview panoramas sometimes have.
You know what else makes it look like Apple doesn't care about the pro line anymore? The industrial design. The "cheese grater" case has been around how long now? Almost exactly nine years, with the introduction of the PowerMac G5. Apple has never kept any design for any other computer around that long. It's not like it's a great design, either. Bulky, with those curved handles. Ridiculously heavy thanks to the heavy gauge aluminum. And to my eyes, butt ugly. Sure is...
They don't need a shakeup. They need a magnitude 9 earthquake if they're going to survive.
Keep talking, Intel. A lot of people including myself have written off the rumors about Apple porting OS X to ARM sometime in the next few years, but keep flapping your gums like this and Apple might just do it sooner rather than later.
That's about right. Schumer's one of the biggest attention whores in the Senate. He holds an amazing number of press conferences on a regular basis. He won't be getting my vote again. I miss the days when Daniel Patrick Moynihan was senior senator of this great state.
New Posts  All Forums: