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Pretty lame attempt at trolling. More like two years and two months late. Personally, I like the latest Information Week article that says Blackberry dominance in business will drop from the current 70% to only 25% within two years. Sorry, RIM, but amateur hour is over.
RIM is no Amazon. They can't sustain selling below cost for very long. This is probably just clearing out the inventory. Once it's all gone, owners are going to be stuck with an orphan device. Not that it has much support even now.
One thing I don't understand is why Apple doesn't give educational institutions a bigger discount than their usual, pitiful "educational" discount. Unlike individual students, these places are buying them in large quantities and have to replace them regularly since students are so hard on hardware. We all know that Apple has a pretty high profit margin on these gadgets and they could cut the price quite a bit without actually selling below cost. Yes, I know Apple is...
Bunch of youngsters around here, it seems. Proves the axiom yet again that the one thing jaded Americans like more than a rags to riches story is a riches to rags story. This is actually a sad time. It wasn't that long ago when the name Kodak was synonymous with photography. It's stunning how they could have gone so wrong. Only twenty years ago, not only were they dominant in film photography, they were cutting-edge pioneers in digital photography. The first professional...
Fuel cells are not good for electrolysis. And what do you do with all this hydrogen you theoretically generate? Do you have microcompressors to stuff it back into the tank? As much as I like the concept of hydrogen fuel cells, forty years of reading about them tells me they have too many problems. Proton exchange membranes degrade due to exposure to airborne contaminants. Storage of hydrogen isn't easy. Compressed hydrogen has very low power density. Liquid is slightly...
Riiight. I'm sure universities give out their innovations out of the goodness of their hearts all the time. These untold thousands of patents from universities listed are just aberrations.Still waiting for that massive sea change that Linux was supposed to bring.
These "truly innovative people" would die penniless if the patent system was abolished. Nobody is going to pay you for your ideas if they can copy them for free. That's business. Go ahead. Come up with a world-changing idea and release it without a patent as public domain. See how far that gets you.
You're deluded. Do you really think the little guy with a big idea would be able to compete with a big company with enormous manufacturing resources if they could copy without fear? You really think it's that easy to "keep innovating"? How many innovations have you brought to market? I'm guessing none, otherwise you would know that it's far easier to copy and keep copying than it is to invent.You seem to be completely missing the point of the article. S3 has some patents....
So just because you start a new company, you shouldn't have to worry about existing patents? That would make penalty-free infringement awfully easy. All I'd need to do to steal somebody's idea is start a new business and they wouldn't be able to touch me.If the patent system didn't exist, why should I innovate anything? Without protection, any new and brilliant idea I come up with could be copied by others with impunity. There'd be nothing in it for me.
I guess I'm not surprised. Steve always thought different, and not necessarily right when it came to his own health. According to one early biography of him released back in the 1980s, he once thought carrots were the perfect food, so he ate nothing but carrots for a while, enough to turn his skin orange from all the beta-carotene.
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