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Even if Psystar had won, they would be irrelevant. Installing Snow Leopard or Lion on properly selected non-Apple hardware has become much easier in the last couple of years. It still isn't easy enough for the general public, but it's easier than installing Linux and in some cases, almost as easy as installing on a genuine Mac.
Three years is an eternity in the software field. Nobody would want to install Leopard on a new system, and that's less than three years old. The only exception is Windows, where people clung desperately to an aging XP during the Vista fiasco.Geez. What a nasty attitude. If I had a dollar for every piece of software that never made it off developers' hard drives, I could retire right now. Real Soon Now and vaporware are ridiculously common. Just listen to yourself. I wrote...
I don't care about the "developer world." What's happening in the consumer world? Not an awful lot, judging by Marvin's post. Just Apple's video and photo apps and a couple of others. Photoshop doesn't use it. Neither does Premiere, Handbrake or any other power-hungry consumer app. So far, it's been a big "Openwhat?" for consumers, including power users.
I think some misconceptions here are because some people may be confusing OpenCL and OpenGL. OpenCL is still alive? It was announced years ago, yet no software as far as I know takes advantage of it. Certainly nothing on OS X I know of.
Godspeed, Steve. And whatever your future may hold, know that you leave a lasting and amazing legacy. You will not be forgotten.
Let him hate. There will always be bitter, little people like him. But it doesn't hurt people who use and like Apple products, of which there are more every day. Maybe one day, Apple will actually fall. Until then, I'm not worried about it.
Exactly. And what if you don't have enough money to bring a product to market? Without patents, why would anyone in their right mind license your idea and give you money when they can just take the idea and run with it for free?Lots of little guys can argue otherwise. Ask the author of Watson how flattered he was when Apple came out with Sherlock and it looked and acted a lot like his unpatented program.
So if I can't get patent protection to keep others from copying my ideas, what exactly would be my incentive to invent anything?
Oh, joy. Faster downloading so users can bump up against their bandwidth caps in half the time. Sounds great to me.
Make it so, Number One.
New Posts  All Forums: